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Palace Chemicals growth has been driven by innovation in the latest technology

A FAMILY business established in 1978, Palace Chemicals says its growth has been driven by a consistently ambitious programme of investment and innovation in the latest available technology, which it says has supported the development and growth of the single most comprehensive range of tiling, building, construction, and DIY products available from any single independent manufacturer in the UK.

Says the company: ‘From its 15-acre site in Speke, Liverpool, Palace Chemicals (and its subsidiary brands) offers the highest quality product ranges, especially across the tiling sector, from where its adhesives, grouts, levellers, and waterproofing products have a reputation for quality which is loyally embraced by all customers, including major multiple retailers; local tile distributors, and all categories of professional fixers and building companies.

‘Our aim is to ensure customer expectations for quality, service and value are always at the forefront of all our operating processes, from receipt of order through to delivery. This has built our reputation as a reliable and valued trading partner to some of the biggest names in the tiling, building and DIY sectors, whilst still retaining the values and experiences of our formative years to service and support all our end-users with the level of technical back up and guidance which has become essential to the modern building and tiling trade professional.’

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