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Parador launches new flooring collection

PARADOR is excited to launch its new flooring collection, Perspectives 2024. Spanning across different flooring categories from engineered wood, vinyl, laminate and Modular ONE, the collection offers a fantastic array of new decors and innovative technology. Inspired by different architecture themes the collection consists of the Townhouse, Modern, Chalet, Penthouse and Country. Proudly made in Germany and Austria with quality at the fore, the Perspectives collection offers new formats, colours, technical enhancements and new harmonious surface structures for a particularly authentic look and feel.

Inspired by the great industrial visionaries of the 19th century, this collection draws its inspiration from the architectural delights of the epoque. Natural finishes with a consistent wood grain speaks to this aesthetic. Lighter oak tones, with hints of grey and white work perfectly with this classic theme. Herringbone and Chevron are the formats we recommend because they offer such a unique style that lifts any interior and lasts the test
of time.

For the minimalists and those inspired by avant-garde, our Modern Collection comprises a truly contemporary interior: large windows, open living spaces, concrete and marble mixed with light and dark wooden tones. Our design flooring Modular ONE offers marble and granite effect from light grey to dark in a tile format, perfect for the minimalists. Our engineered wood in Chateau plank in dark tones also work seamlessly with this aesthetic, adding a contrast to the concrete and grey tones in these living spaces.

Invite the beauty of nature into your interior with our Chalet collection. Imagine, extra-large windows with a mountain view, open living spaces with cosy armchairs surrounding a fireplace. For the flooring, wide planks in light tones with large organic grains showing are perfect for the Scandinavian inspired interior.

As urban dwellings grow taller the view and the interior become even more spectacular. Large windows, dazzling chandeliers and open-plan living areas create modern interiors with a classic twist. Engineered wood flooring works best for the Penthouse look with classic installation patterns such as chevron and herringbone being very popular. Oversized, wide planks also add to the grandeur of the interior. Floors in mid to darker shades create that sumptuous feel.

Inspired by picturesque villages in the English and French countryside, this collection embodies a rustic feel with a modern twist. Soft warm tones in honey colours in engineered wood with Wide plank and Chateau plank formats are a favourite for anyone looking for the country feel. Showing the open grains of the wood and natural knots creates an authentic look perfect for country homes.

Says Parador: ‘We care about our planet and are committed to constantly improving how we behave and manufacture to ensure minimal impact on the environment. Our ecological standards are high, we operate with a transparent supply-chain, and we have a holistic approach to everything we do. Safety standards and the wellbeing of our people are of the utmost importance, and we strive to deliver optimal working environments for our teams. Our products are sustainable because they are made of the highest quality which guarantees longevity.

‘To produce our engineered wood and laminate floors, we only use wood from sustainably sourced forests. All the parts of the tree are used for the different components in production resulting in minimal wastage. By being resourceful with the raw materials it also provides a greater variety of different grades and formats, that allows for a more creative décor result. Any waste is then recycled and returned to the production cycle.

‘We are proud of our Eco-friendly design flooring Modular ONE because it is incredible durable, easy to maintain and with its innovative technology it is free of PVC and plasticisers allowing for a healthy living environment. We are the only flooring company in the industry to be certified according to EMAS III and have published our first sustainability report according to GRI standards in 2022. Our mission to be carbon neutral by 2025 is on track and with the latest investment in solar panels on our new logistic centre roof, will enable us to generate our own power for our factory and offices.’
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