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Pharmaceutical company features an installation of Shaw Contract’s Living Systems carpet tile collection

PHARMACEUTICAL company Daiichi Sankyo relocated its UK headquarters to a new head office building in Uxbridge, UK.

Featuring an inspiring installation of Shaw Contract’s Living Systems carpet tile collection, this CAT B Fit-out-Design & Build project, reportedly met the client’s needs with a design concept based on three key pillars: Collaborate & Connect | Organic | Human-centric.

Says Shaw Contract: ‘The project exemplifies two key trends in office flooring – design that brings the outside in, and an opportunity to work with a company’s brand colour palette.

‘The team at Tetris UK chose the Living Systems collection for the project as its colour palette and patterns were perfectly in tune with an authentic biophilic representation. Living Systems features organic and textural aesthetics that mirror nature. The colour palette was also chosen because it could incorporate into the design the company’s brand colours.

‘The design zones the open office space, is incorporated into a series of smaller breakout meeting areas within the floorplate. The layout creates spatial differentiation between teams, without using physical barriers or wall separations. The fluidity of the patterns and colours provide a visual depth to the floor.’

All Living Systems styles are said by the company to be available on Shaw Contract’s TaskWorx backing made in the UK for the EMEA market and are cradle-to-cradle bronze certified.
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