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Pliteq has a vast range of options for fitness spaces

PLITEQ says its commitment to creating innovative long-lasting products, sustainability and engineering isn’t just a marketing ploy, but a core value integrated into every aspect of their business. In fact, the company says its innovative flooring solutions in fitness spaces have made it a leader in the industry across seven continents.

‘If you’re a gym owner or manager looking to enhance your facility’s aesthetics and provide a safe environment for clients, consider reaching out to Pliteq. Pliteq has a vast range of options when it comes to flooring solutions, whether it be GenieMat FIT puzzle tiles in cardio zones, GenieMat FIT Fusion Tiles in weightlifting zones or GenieMat TREAD resilient flooring for general workout classes. With an array of sizes, thickness and colour options, Pliteq facilitates the design flexibility for owners and operators to create the desired environment for their clients.’

The company continues: ‘In addition to our innovative products and commitment to sustainability, Pliteq also offers exceptional customer service. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing personalised solutions that meet each customer’s unique needs. We work closely with architects, acoustic consultants, engineers, and contractors to ensure that their products are integrated seamlessly into fitness spaces.

‘Pliteq’s commitment to innovation is demonstrated via our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that has allowed us to create our rubber floor finish line. For example, Pliteq’s GenieMat TREAD resilient rubber flooring has the highest density on the market. This density leads to outstanding wear-and-tear, making it easy to maintain and increase the longevity of the gym’s flooring.’

The company says ‘the durability of the TREAD line means gym-owners and operators can reduce the need to replace their floors as frequently, maintaining the floor aesthetic floor for longer and ensuring a durable, safe floor for their clients’.

Noise can be a significant problem in fitness spaces, from the sound of weights being dropped to music blaring through speakers and people running on treadmills. Not only can it be disruptive for gym-goers, but it can also affect adjoining building’s occupants. Fortunately, Pliteq says it has engineering expertise in acoustic and vibration isolation and has developed innovative solutions to combat this issue.

The company continues: ‘At Pliteq, our expertise in isolating noise transmission in spaces has led to us creating a range of products designed to reduce noise in fitness environments. One such product is the GenieMat FIT, a patented product that’s been tried-and-tested to significantly reduce structure-borne vibration. Gym-goers can rest assured they’re not only working out in a quieter environment, but they’re also reducing the risk of injury from high-impact exercises. The GenieMat FIT line is backed up by data that proves it decreases the impact force exposure level as measured using heavy/hard impact sources.’

The company concludes: ‘Pliteq’s products also have a positive impact on the environment. We recycle more than 5m scrap tires annually, diverting them from landfill and making a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. Operating in more than 50 countries, Pliteq’s solutions are making a difference worldwide, from small boutique gyms to large-scale commercial fitness centres.’
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