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Premium subfloor preparation materials perfectly suited to the flooring industry

ULTRAFLOOR says it’s home to a portfolio of contractor and retail-friendly, premium subfloor preparation materials perfectly suited to the flooring industry.

Says the company: ‘UltraFloor Level IT Hydra Bond is a ground-breaking, water-based floor-leveller that can be easily applied to bitumen and adhesive residues. Until now, bag-and-bottle levellers were most commonly used for these types of substrates, however this revolutionary smoothing compound offers all the properties of traditional bag-and-bottle mixes without need for a liquid additive.

‘What’s more, Level IT Hydra Bond utilises UltraFloor’s unique EnviroBead technology – a process which enhances application and boasts unrivalled flow properties.’

Exceptional flow is something that users of Level IT Two will also benefit from, says the company. ‘Fondly known as the contractor’s favourite floor leveller, UltraFloor Level IT Two is a fantastic general purpose, mid-strength smoothing underlayment ideal for a wide variety of subfloors in most commercial and domestic flooring projects.’

Continues UltraFloor: ‘For the preparation of difficult substrates such as old adhesive residues, UltraFloor recommends the use of Level IT Bond – a semi-rapid curing, high performance smoothing underlayment with exceptional adhesion characteristics.

‘Level and lay in a day with UltraFloor’s iconic Level IT Super30. Designed for fast turnaround projects, Level IT Super30 can be walked over in as little as 30 minutes, is ready to receive unbonded floorcoverings after 45 minutes, and bonded coverings in just 90 minutes.’

The company adds: ‘If you’re looking for a floor leveller with ultimate flexibility, then Level IT Super Flex 30 is the product for you. A high polymer content resulting in excellent flexible properties, makes Level IT Super Flex 30 the product of choice for steel mezzanine decks and flooring grade plywood.’

It continues: ‘Known by the industry as the gamechanger, Level IT Pro30 is a high performance, high tolerance smoothing underlayment which can be used over most common subfloors, such as adhesive residue or bitumen, without the need for priming.

‘This superb and versatile product has extra tolerance for onsite imperfections, which reduces the need for intensive subfloor preparation and is ideal for prepping awkward subfloors for luxury finishes in record time.’

Developed for the renovation of existing floors, Level IT Renovate is fibre-reinforced for what UltraFloor says is ‘added strength and to minimise the risk of hairline cracks – reducing a common cause of costly failures. What’s more, Level IT Renovate can now be used externally and as a final wear course’.

Also available in UltraFloor’s range of smoothing underlayments is Level IT Smooth – described as a supersmooth leveller suitable for LVT installations – and Level IT Top and Level IT Base.

‘UltraFloor’s portfolio of subfloor preparation materials also includes repair and finishing compounds, moisture protection materials and ancillary products – everything you need for a smooth-running project every single time.’

Learn more about UltraFloor and its range of subfloor preparation materials by booking a place on one of UltraFloor’s Academy Days.

Hosted by Alan Collins and Martin Pouncey, technical training and site support managers with a combined 45 years’ experience, UltraFloor’s Academy Days ‘provide the perfect opportunity for those working within the industry to brush up on the latest flooring techniques, get hands-on practical experience and receive a one-to-one consultation’.

Visit instarmactrainingacademy.co.uk to book your place.

For further information on the materials in the UltraFloor range, or for help with product selection, use the below details.
01827 254402

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