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Quick-Step develops new Alpha Vinyl to its range

QUICK-STEP Alpha Vinyl is a floor that’s said to be premium in every way. With a new surface structure that’s more realistic, a faster and easier way to install herringbone, and a high-quality integrated underlay that makes it quieter and more comfortable; Alpha Vinyl is packed with innovation, says the company.

Alpha Vinyl features designs that’re described by the company to be distinct, different, and typically Quick-Step. From the hyper realism of Ciro’s oak to the Coral Rock of Oro, every floor is said to be faithful to the natural material and with the look and feel of a premium flooring option. The surface technology is described as a ‘real highlight’ and makes designs look identical to their natural counterpart.

The company says: ‘Capturing every depth in detail, and with varying matt and gloss to capture light in the right way, goes further than any natural surface structure before it.

It adds: ‘The floor’s integrated underlay is another highlight, aiding the speed of installation by eliminating separate underlay as well as improving comfort and reducing noise. The high-quality PE construction also adds support to Alpha Vinyl’s Uniclic system for reliable and lasting fitting time after time. It’s the same for Alpha Vinyl Ciro herringbone floors with Unizip, Quick-Step’s system for easy click installation with a single plank. Wasteful A&B planks and complex fitting can now be a thing of the past.‘

Alpha Vinyl is also said to make use of Quick-Step’s Hydroseal water repellent technology for a 100% waterproof floor, and with Scratch Guard for stain and dirt protection, as well as low maintenance, Alpha Vinyl is reportedly the new benchmark in luxury vinyl flooring.

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