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Rawson Carpet Solutions | Heritage range are durable, reliable and competitive

Rawson Carpet Solutions has been supplying carpet tiles to the market for more than 50 years, and now says ‘with a global branded presence and a broad range of products to satisfy any theme or budget requirement, we’re in a stronger position than ever before’.

Says the company: ‘The Heritage range or products provide a durable, reliable competitive solution with new colours and full BRE EPD accreditation. The range has diversified this year with the introduction of the fully recyclable carpet tile solution ‘RECOVER’, made from 80% GRS accredited recycled material and being single polymer with proven recycled routes back to PET, this is surely one of the most innovative and sustainable carpet tile solutions on the market.’

Being a manufacturer, all products are available in plank format with minimal MOQs, says the company. However, it adds, stocks of planks are available immediately from the structured nylon range in Riven.

Continues the company: ‘Riven is the most designer-led offering from Rawson providing bio-mythic aesthetics to interiors, and following the nylon strategy from Rawson, differing colours in the range have single matching yarns to allow differing product to sit sinuously together in your floor design.’

It goes further with this strategy, says Rawson, in allowing certain coloured yarns from the nine ranges in Nylon to be matching, offering clients endless design possibilities in the mixing for these products.

Structured tiles can site beautifully alone, however utilising the nylon loop tile range Jazz with Riven allows for a seamless monolithic aesthetic to be complement with accent areas of structure or tone whilst still carrying some matching yarns throughout the design.

The new branding and website for Rawson, with many case studies and project reference flyers, clearly displays the multitude of design possibilities on offer. Rawson’s experienced team are always keen to provide a presentation of their products.

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