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Renovating floors at the Boutique Hotel Villa am Ruhrufer Golf & Spa in Mülheim an der Ruhr

THE Boutique Hotel Villa am Ruhrufer Golf & Spa in Mülheim an der Ruhr is one of the smallest five-star hotels in Germany and offers its guests a very personal and luxurious ambience in addition to a fantastic view across the Ruhr flood plains.

The important attractions in the Rhine and Ruhr area can be reached from the hotel’s countryside location in less than half-an-hour. There are 20 golf courses in the immediate vicinity, and the hotel’s own two private golf courses are only a few minutes away by car. Such an exclusive ambience calls for floors with a special ‘flair’.

Rescue programme for a new ‘sheen’
In February 2021, the team from Parkett Forum Rogowski in Essen set about gently refreshing and renovating the floors of the exclusive hotel rooms. After all, even robust wooden floors lose their shine and appear dull and unattractive after many years of service.

Using products from the AKZENT surface treatment range produced by STAUF, the adhesives company from the Siegerland region, a total 85sq m of the white varnished planks with V-shaped joints were reportedly made to shine again in their original splendour.

To achieve this, Frank Rogowski’s team also needed to prove its skills in ‘Furniture Tetris’: in order to be able to work on the wood flooring, the wardrobes, beds, tables, and chairs first had to be moved to one side of the hotel room – after successful treatment and drying of the floor, the furniture was then moved to the other side of the room so floorlayer Piotr Kamzol could continue its work.

Careful preparation
The first step was to sand the floor. The floorlayer carefully processed the floorboards using a Hummel floor-sander. The fine residues of sanding dust were then thoroughly vacuumed off. After the wooden floor had been sanded and prepared, the so-called ‘water popping’ process followed. This opened the pores of the wood and raised the fibres.

Fine scratches and sanding marks were nicely evened out as the wood expanded in volume. As the surface now had a coarser structure, pigments could bond perfectly with the wood, and the oil could penetrate the wood more easily. This ensured an even and more intense colour later on.

After a drying time of about one hour, it was time to apply the oil with a roller and brush. AKZENT OIL IN ONE COLOR is a coloured impregnating oil reportedly based on natural oils and free of desiccants containing lead or cobalt.

It’s available in 34 different colours plus a colourless version and provides reliable protection for parquet, cork, and wooden floors as well as other wooden surfaces. The range of colours can also be freely mixed. Piotr Kamzol chose the colour Nordic White. The floorlayer took the AKZENT OIL IN ONE COLOR, which had previously been mixed with AKZENT OIL HARDENER, and applied it to one area at a time, with an overlap to avoid differences in colour.

A special challenge was that the wooden floor in the boutique hotel, which needed renovation, had a very hard, resistant surface. Therefore, the AKZENT OIL IN ONE COLOR was given a considerably more intensive waiting time after the water-popping and the application of the oil with the short-pile roller in order to obtain an even and brilliant colour in the wood grain.

Finally, the wooden floor was varnished so it could last for many years to come. For this, the floorlayer uses AKZENT AQUA ARGENTUM MATT. This single-component, water-based varnish with an acrylate-polyurethane base is very low in emissions and is reportedly characterised by very good resistance to abrasion and chemicals.

Says the company: ‘The multistage oil/water-based varnish system allowed the intensive colour effect of the oil to come to the fore and provide optimal protection thanks to the durability of the high-quality, single-component, water-based varnish.

‘The finished surface feels velvety, and is water-repellent and resistant to dirt. Thanks to this ‘rejuvenating treatment’ with the gentle AKZENT products, the floors in the Boutique Hotel Villa am Ruhrufer Golf & Spa are once again ready to lie at the feet of the hotel’s future guests for many years to come.’

The AKZENT surface treatment range developed by STAUF is described by the company as ‘balm for wood’ and the natural complement to the company’s subfloor preparation products and wood flooring adhesives.

Says the company: ‘With its primers, varnishes, oils, and joint fillers as well as products for cleaning, maintaining, and refreshing, the STAUF system ensures a floor composition that’s said to be successful on all fronts.’

It concludes: ‘The components of the AKZENT products are chosen with a focus on naturalness – in keeping with the natural product, wood, for which they were designed. The conscious use of natural raw materials, water-based formulations and carefully selected raw materials makes AKZENT products the right choice wherever naturalness, health and well-being are important to us. AKZENT establishes and maintains the function and value of wooden floors – no matter where or how they are used.’

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