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Resilient Floor System made for vinyl, rubber, linoleum and PVC surfaces

THE vinyl sports floor at Bishop Walsh Catholic School showed significant wear-and-tear and had already undergone multiple repairs.

Specialist sports flooring company, Biddle Sport, advised the school that in order to achieve an ‘as new’ look cost-effectively, renewal of the surface would deliver premium results. Minimising downtime was essential in a busy school environment, and this route also avoided the need to remove and dispose of the old floor and the related disruption.

Says Bona: ‘The Bona Resilient Floor System, made especially for vinyl, rubber, linoleum and PVC surface, was used to totally transformed the sports hall floor. An initial programme of deep cleaning involved wet sanding with Bona Diamond abrasives, removing the sanded slurry from the floor and neutralising with clean water. With the surface ready for its first coat, Bona Pure Colour was applied, along with sports line markings and a final transparent coat of Bona Pure to seal the surface.’

The company continues: ‘Safe and easy-to-use for contactors, The Bona Resilient Floor System uses safe, waterborne formulations to seal and protect the surface, resulting in a hygienic, hard-wearing surface.

‘A full renovation of the vinyl sports floor was completed in just five days at half the cost of replacement with a new floor, but with the look of brand new, giving the contractors that competitive edge. The high-quality, cost-effective, and spectacular result meets the demands of the busy, and budget-stretched education environment.’

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