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Revolutionary artificial grass that changes color with the seasons

CONDOR Grass says it’s introducing what it describes as a groundbreaking world-first with Colorshift technology.

It says: ‘Years of research and extensive testing have led to a revolutionary type of artificial grass that reacts to outdoor temperatures and changes colours with the seasons.

‘In doing so, the Hasselt-based company adds additional natural properties to artificial grass.

Colorshift technology was available from early 2024 and was launched at the FSB show in Cologne.’
Condor Grass says it spent 10 years developing this product. The initial brainstorming sessions began after receiving feedback from customers about the appearance of artificial grass. Unlike natural grass, artificial grass doesn’t change colour in winter.

Condor Grass saw an opportunity to create an appearance that suits all seasons. Dozens of discussions with technicians and professors led to comprehensive tests conducted domestically and internationally. While these tests provided Condor Grass with valuable information and insights, they didn’t yield a viable result at first.

Collaboration with TenCate
A significant breakthrough finally came in 2018. New tests conducted in and outside Europe resulted in a prototype. Condor Grass further developed this collaboration with TenCate Grass.

This partnership laid the foundation for the ‘groundbreaking’ Colorshift line, with ‘Chameleon’ being the first tangible product in 2022. The new generation of artificial grass has reportedly been extensively tested at multiple locations and under various conditions.

How it works
Says Condor: ‘Artificial grass with Colorshift technology changes colour based on heat. The outdoor temperature affects the shade of the product to match the current season. At temperatures up to 15deg C, Colorshift maintains a dark green appearance. The colour gradually transitions to light green between 15-30deg C.

‘At tropical temperatures of 30deg C and above, the grass adopts a fresh, light green colour. Initially, artificial grass with this revolutionary technology is available in two heights. Later, the innovation will be available in more qualities.’

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