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Ride-on and walk behind scrapers from National Flooring Equipment

To support its US and European customer base, surface preparation equipment manufacturer National Flooring Equipment has travelled all over to showcase and demo its ride-on and walk behind scrapers. As well as exhibiting its range of floor preparation equipment, NFE has launched its latest innovation: a fully-electric walk-behind scraper, the Rogue.

Says the company: ‘Officially launched at Bauma, the Rogue quickly became the diamond on the stand at every show, drawing attendees over to view the latest improvement in floor preparation.

‘The Rogue is designed to combine the features of a heavy duty ride-on scraper with the compact size of a walk-behind, offering precision steering, travel speeds of up to 150 ft/min and a fully adjustable blade angle. The newest equipment from NFE aims to reduce operator input when compared to traditional models. For example, walk-behind machines can be difficult to manoeuvre in certain applications, whereas the Rogue uses toggles to easily direct the machine wherever needed.’

Continues the company: ‘At each show, visitors were able to test the controls and see how the machine performed in demo videos. The demos showcased the key advantages to using the Rogue, like the added flexibility in angle adjustment, so people could see how its features differed from other equipment on the market. Overall, the Rogue set the tone to what’s coming next in the industry.’

‘We were extremely excited to showcase our newest surface preparation solutions,’ explained Jake Sinna, president of NFE. ‘The Rogue stole the show by far, and its popularity exceeded our expectations, especially at Bauma. So far, we’ve travelled to World of Concrete, TISE, Con expo and ARA, all of which have been a huge success.

‘When developing new equipment, we aim to incorporate feedback from our partners and address key challenges in surface prep. For this project, we wanted to create a machine that was fast, efficient and easy to use on any floorcovering to save contractors money on buying different machines. Seeing how well the Rogue performed at the show was a great indicator in telling us whether we got it right and we absolutely did.’

‘Using the Rogue has given us the opportunity to turn a traditionally difficult job into a simple one,’ explained Richard Nickerson, president of Bottom Zupp. ‘The Rogue has definitely changed the floor removal game for us. This machine makes me so excited to see how easy we can make floor removal, especially with the added control. We have 20 machines from NFE and in the future, I hope to see 20 more!’

Want to see more of the Rogue? Request a demo by getting in touch with Connie Hardy at Connie.H@nationalequipment.com

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