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Rudiments is a unique carpet tile collection from IVC Commercial

Rudiments is described as a unique carpet tile and plank collection from IVC Commercial. With a shared colour palette, modular options, and designs that reportedly work beautifully together, Rudiments is said to be able to respond to the design challenge of modern offices.

Says the company: ‘Featuring Jute, Teak, Basalt, and the brand-new Clay and Clay Create, all carpet tiles in Rudiments are made from solution-dyed nylon for hassle-free performance, meaning designers can focus on the job-in-hand, delivering inspirational spaces that support the productivity and wellbeing of their users.

‘Sharing a similar design, Clay and Clay Create carpet planks are made to work together.

With the all-over look of Clay adding texture across large areas and Clay Create’s ability to explore colour combinations that mark out activity or transition from one area to the next, it’s a combination that makes powerful flooring layouts possible. The new 25x100cm plank format also means a perfect match to Rudiments carpet tiles, for even more creativity.’

Continues IVC: ‘The Clay carpet plank is inspired by mankind’s crafting of the world’s oldest known ceramic material, hand-shaped into the rudimentary building blocks that have protected us for centuries. Adding organic structure to projects, it’s presented in a selection of 12 colours from the Rudiments palette. In a random lay plank made to work easily with all Rudiments styles, Clay brings new ways of breaking up spaces.

‘With Clay Create, designs can embrace colour transitions that take on a playful element with a random lay pattern that echoes the material’s artistic side. Adding colourful combinations that move us from one hue to the next, the design mirrors the possibilities of new forms that clay stimulates. In 12 energising colourways, Clay Create can be used to explore changing modes of activity, direction, and transition.’

Rooted in ancient and timeworn stone blocks, Basalt is a random lay carpet tile that adds bold texture, says the company. Creating a random organic pattern reportedly well-suited to large areas, the rise and fall of Basalt’s structure is available in all 12 colours of the Rudiments carpet tile collection.

‘The coarsely spun plant threads of woven hessian are the muse for Jute, a subtle and undeniably elegant look for schemes with a sophisticated materials palette. Available in all 12 colourways of the Rudiments collection that blend functional colours with complementing trend hues, this design brings a relaxed harmony to commercial projects.’

Concludes IVC: ‘For Teak, IVC Commercial has explored our innate connection with wood, creating a random lay carpet tile with a structured look and a casual touch for endless mix and match possibilities. Echoing the light and shade thrown by oiled blocks arranged in arbitrary geometric patterns, the carpet tile offers a structured yet casual aesthetic across open spaces in all 12 Rudiments colourways.’

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