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Schlüter-Systems is a leading expert in tile and stone protection

Schlüter-Systems says it’s the leading expert in tile and stone protection. Proper attention to preparation and finishing enables a beautiful and long-lasting finish for an installation, says the company, and for each potential problem you’ll need to address, Schlüter adds that it offers a targeted and reliable solution.

Why do you need a tile backerboard?
An absolutely level substrate with straight and precisely angled inside and outside corners is essential for creating a perfect tile covering. Schlüter says the solution is Schlüter-KERDI-BOARD.

Says the company: ‘The BBA-certified backerboard Schlüter-KERDI-BOARD is the multifunctional installation board, saving time and hassle for contractors since 2008. Easily cut with a utility knife, this unique combination of a foam core with a fleece-bonded surface requires no additional finishing to make it a CE-marked waterproof solution – taking you from pieces to project-ready in a fraction of the time needed for working with other substrates, such as plasterboard. Seven thickness options are available – ranging from 5-50mm – to cope with all manner of challenges.’

Why do you need movement joints?
Ceramic and stone tiles can be subjected to various strains and stresses caused by movement in the tiled surface, leading to tiles bulging, cracking, or becoming detached from the substrate. Movement joints compensate for the movement of tiles which extends down through the tiles, the bed and screed layer below. Says the company: ‘The solution is Schlüter-DILEX.’

The company continues: ‘The movement joints, expansion joints and control joint profiles of our Schlüter-DILEX series offer maintenance free and functional solutions for all relevant movement joints in tile coverings. The range includes profile types for movement joints, expansion joints and control joints, as well as edge and transition movement and expansion joints.

‘Profiles are installed at the same time as the tile covering. A wide variety of Schlüter-DILEX movement and expansion joint profiles in various material combinations are available in accordance with the expected mechanical or chemical stresses on the covering.’

Why do you need an uncoupling membrane?
As substrates will expand and contract owing to changes in temperature and moisture levels, an uncoupling membrane is perfect for allowing the surfaces to move independently preventing stress on the tiles which can cause cracking or even debonding. The company says the solution is Schlüter-DITRA-25.

‘Schlüter-DITRA-25 has been a proven solution for uncoupling membranes and bonded waterproofing since 1987. Tried, tested, and trusted worldwide, Schlüter-DITRA 25 provides waterproofing, uncoupling, crack-bridging, and vapour pressure management for complete protection in tile and stone installations.’

Why do you need stair-nosings?
The edges of stairs are exposed to heavy mechanical stresses, resulting in installation failure, and represent a high risk for injuries. The best solution is a specially engineered stair-nosing profile. This may not be the best-looking solution, but it is the most effective way of preventing the type of damage to steps and stairs, while also providing a slip-resistant surface. The solution, says the company, is Solution: Schlüter-TREP-E.

‘Schlüter-TREP-E is a stainless-steel stair-nosing profile with a special non-slip tread to create safe and attractive stair edges. The profile can be integrated into stairs covered with tile or natural stone, as well as into a screed or surface coating that is a minimum 2mm thick. The profile is especially suited for applications in building areas with heavy foot traffic, such as commercial areas or public buildings.’

Why do you need tile trims?
Using a trim will offer protection to the tile it’s installed against. The edge of a tile is susceptible to damage and with tiles often being the focal point of a bathroom, it’s important to reduce this risk.
The solution, according to the company, is Schlüter-PROFILES.

‘Schlüter-PROFILES protect tile and stone, enhance the aesthetic appeal of an installation and are available in a wide range of colours, materials, and finishes. Schlüter-SCHIENE is the original profile for floor edge protection and finishing. Variants are available with and without Schlüter’s patented joint spacer technology, which creates a consistent joint with the covering material. Schlüter-RENO profiles create a smooth transition between two adjoining floorcoverings, eliminating trip hazards, and neatly protecting edges-standard one-part and variable two-part options are available for utmost flexibility.’

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