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Shaw Contract’s ‘In Stock UK Programme’ has huge demand

CARPET tile manufacturer Shaw Contract has confirmed its ‘In Stock UK Programme’ has seen huge demand since its launch mid-2020.

The programme, developed in response to conditions which demand fast turnaround and serviced from its manufacturing base in Scotland, has reportedly seen demand grow through 2021. Many top-selling styles in 2021 were from In Stock collections. With yarn in stock, flexible credit terms, and supply of product from Scotland to its customers, Shaw Contract says it’s been able to tailor a clear solution to meet market needs.

Manufacturing carpet tiles at its facility in Scotland, Shaw Contract adds that it’s also seen high demand throughout Europe and the Middle East for its products made in the UK.

Choice and stock solutions
‘Our key message is that we can offer the market a really quick solution – we have high quality, proven products in stock right now,’ says Andrew Jackson, business development director EMEA.

‘We know there are quite a lot of tight turnaround projects on the go just now, but contractors are also looking for consistency and certainty of supply. Our ‘In Stock UK’ Programme means that, whether the requirement is for high quality carpet tiles or for resilient flooring, we can help contractors meet the tightest of schedules.’

The company believes it’s uniquely placed to meet burgeoning market demand at a time when the contract flooring sector is hungry for product, but many companies are unable to supply.

The In Stock UK Programme reportedly includes a wide palette of linear and non-directional patterns in complementary styles and tonal colours. The specially selected range of carpet tiles covered by the programme are available to the trade for immediate delivery.

‘We keep yarn in stock at our manufacturing facility to ensure continued and flexible supply.

This has also supported our continued introduction of new carpet tile collections. Along with technical developments solutions specially designed for the UK and EMEA market are ongoing through the design and innovation work conducted at our facility in Scotland,’ says Samantha Dawe, marketing director EMEA, Shaw Contract.

Design and sustainability focus
Says the company: ‘Design is key at Shaw Contract, and the company runs its own Design Awards, to recognise the best use of the company’s products, as featured in projects from around the world.

Backing up excellence in design is a focus on sustainability, and Shaw Contract was the first flooring manufacturer in the world to offer a Cradle-to-Cradle flooring product.

‘Continuing to innovate, Shaw Contract introduced last year carpet tile collections which are carbon neutral and optimised for low embodied carbon. These include styles Beam and Braid, two new carpet tile styles designed in the UK that join Shaw Contract’s Suited collection and were inspired by the feeling of purpose and community that is associated with weaving, braiding, and crafting.’

Beam and Braid co-ordinate with our other Suited styles, and the entire range of carpet tile collections, made in the UK.

Continues Shaw Contract: ‘The Suited collection features EcoSolution Q100 yarn which reportedly has 100% content from recycled sources. So, the Suited collection has also been optimised for low embodied carbon, is a carbon neutral collection and is manufactured in Shaw Contract’s Scottish factory, which is also a carbon-neutral manufacturing facility. Also carbon-neutral and optimised for low embodied carbon are popular collections Haven which features three distinctive styles, and Living Systems which includes nine different tile options.’

Occupant comfort
And with occupant health and wellbeing a critical consideration in today’s interiors, Beam and Braid also launched as available on Shaw Contract’s ComfortWorx backing for an option that provides for ‘acoustic and underfoot comfort’.

The company says: ‘ComfortWorx is a new backing system for EMEA that provides a solution for both acoustic and underfoot comfort. Occupant health and wellbeing is a consideration for productive environments where we can work, learn. and collaborate successfully.

‘Sound can negatively impact building occupants. ComfortWorx tiles were designed to provide improved impact sound reduction and improved sound absorption over standard carpet tile and hard surfaces. Testing has shown loudness of impact noise can be halved when compared with standard TaskWorx tiles.’

And in terms of sound absorption an improvement of over 65% in sound absorption on some styles compared with standard TaskWorx tiles has been identified.

Constructed for underfoot comfort, carpet tiles with ComfortWorx backing are an option that also provides for durability and ergonomic benefits.

ComfortWorx is made with 90% post-consumer PET plastic bottles. And in using recycled PET plastic bottles this helps consume and re-use waste plastic as a useful material.
Tiles can be reused and are taken back as part of Shaw Contract’s Take-back scheme.

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