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SHERWIN-WILLIAMS has developed a pouch packaging multi component format

SHERWIN-WILLIAMS has developed a pouch packaging multi component format and extended the range for its ‘industry-leading FasTop high performance flooring’.

Available to purchase in Europe and the Middle East, the FasTop Multi four-pack format reportedly provides customers with the relevant colour, universal base and hardener supplied in pouches to go with the appropriate aggregate filler, facilitating quicker and easier installation with reduced waste. The FasTop Systems range is extended with the new FasTop DP uniform textured system, FasTop Terrazzo decorative screed, FasTop WR coving and FasTop Primer which all utilise the new pouch packaging.

Says the company: ‘With industry-leading technical properties, the FasTop range delivers significant time-saving benefits for customers. For example, the FasTop system can be installed with a single application and takes just a matter of hours to cure and deliver a highly durable hygienic floor finish for industrial situations.’

Jeremy Waterhouse, flooring product manager at Sherwin-Williams, commented: ‘FasTop systems are HACCP accredited and have a great track record. The innovative new pouch packaging and extended range offers major time and cost-saving advantages for projects in the food and beverage sector and other industrial areas with quicker installation times and reduced waste.’

Continues Sherwin-Williams: ‘In addition to easier application and time-saving advantages, the FasTop four-pack system ensures long-term floor protection and reduced costs through the use of innovative cementitious polyurethane resin technology. With improved compact packaging, customers benefit from reduced product and packaging waste, and a cleaner job site with much smaller space needed to store the new system.

‘The quick-curing FasTop range is accredited as food safe by The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point agency (HACCP) and is suitable for use in food processing areas and commercial kitchens, as well as industrial heavy-duty traffic situations and chemical and pharmaceutical processing plants.

To learn more about the FasTop system or other high performance flooring systems visit the Sherwin-Williams website www.resinflooring.sherwin.eu/

Case study
The Akshaya Patra charity provides school meals for needy children, and has set-up a state-of-the-art kitchen in Watford to mass produce meals for the Greater London area.

The nourishing vegetarian food is aimed at children from low-income families and for deprived areas, which continues to be an ongoing challenge as the recovery from the impact of Covid-19 continues.

This service is based on a model developed in India to feed people in Mumbai and Ahmedabad, and is by far the largest mid-day food service of its kind in the world. The charity is now 20 and had served 3.2 billion meals as of last year.

Specialist flooring contractor, Resintek Services, was appointed by the charity to provide a suitable flooring system to meet the performance and durability requirements for this kitchen facility. When operational, the kitchen is incredibly busy producing up to 9,000 varied vegetarian meals a day for schools, and a hygienic, long-lasting easy clean surface was needed.

The solution
Sherwin-Williams product FasTop TG69 flooring, was specified by Resintek to provide the floor finish for the kitchen because of its ‘proven track record as a solution for food production areas. Resintek initially prepared the subfloor to create a sound and solid substrate which is essential for a resin floor to become a permanent monolithic part of a building’.

FasTop TG69 was applied at between 6-9mm thickness. It’s a food industry certified polyurethane screed system designed for the pressures and day-to-day running of busy commercial kitchens making it a suitable choice for this project.

Approvals include Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification, which stipulates food industry standards worldwide to maintain maximum hygienic standards. ‘This flooring system provides a surface in which kitchen staff can work safely and efficiently in a hygienic environment. It has very good anti slip properties, making it suitable for wet and dry conditions, and also provides a durable finish with high levels of impact resistance, making it a long-term option in comparison to other flooring options.’

Continues Sherwin-Williams: ‘The benefits of the FasTop don’t end there, as the system is inherently seamless, meaning there are several hygiene advantages including being laid to falls and incorporating drainage channels. It’s excellent thermal shock capabilities make it suitable to withstand the commonly used hot pressure washing used in industrial kitchens.’

The FasTop system should ensure the new kitchen flooring meets the charity’s requirements for long-term durability while providing a safe hygienic surface for the staff working there.

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