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Smoothing compounds for floorcoverings and underfloor heating

Mapei’s range of smoothing compounds has been developed to perform to the highest technical standards, while providing multiple benefits to the flooring contractor.

The company says bestselling ranges include Latexplan – described by Mapei as a family of low odour, moisture tolerant and protein-free smoothing compounds suitable for all types of floorcoverings and for use with underfloor heating.

The Latexplan range includes three latex-mixed two-component compounds, developed to level differences in thickness from 3-10mm. They include Latexplan Trade, Latexplan Trade Fast and Latexplan No Ammonia.

Says the company: ‘Latexplan Trade is protein-free with low odour and high compressive strength. It can be walked on after 90 minutes to two hours, and floors can be installed after 12 hours. For fast-track applications, rapid-setting Latex Trade Fast provides the fast-drying option. It’s foot traffic ready in one hour and can receive floorcovering in less than three hours. Both products are suitable for new and existing substrates and for high intensity environments, including floors subjected to chairs with castors.’

Mapei concluded: ‘The third product, Latexplan No Ammonia can be applied onto new and existing subfloors without the use of a primer in most instances. It can be used over most old adhesive residues, including bitumen, and onto plywood substrates. It can accept floorcoverings after four hours.’

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