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Snickers Workwear will look after your wellbeing onsite this summer

STAY cool and safe at work with Snickers Workwear Summer Topwear, says the company, emphasising comfort and protection for work in the summer weather.

The company says: ‘From top-to-toe and inside-out, Snickers Workwear clothing will look after your wellbeing and working efficiency onsite this summer. For sunny weather, there’s new LiteWork top-wear and accessories that deliver UPF 40+ sun protection – a must if you’re working outside for long periods. Look out for Snickers Workwear clothing which uses the quick-drying 37.5 fabric technology with advanced ventilation.’

The company continues: ‘It’s really good at ‘wicking’ moisture away from the body. It also keeps you dry so you can work with an optimal body temperature if it’s warm, or if the weather cools off. As well as Shirts, there’s stylish new Shorts, Work Trousers and Hoodies in a range of styles and colours in the LiteWork range. And, with a close eye on sustainability, they come in street-smart, body-mapping designs for an amazing fit, outstanding functionality, and long-lasting comfort – all day, every day.’

For more information on Snickers Workwear’s LITEWork range and it’s sustainability philosophy you can use the details below.
01484 854788

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