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SP101 Flooring Plywood – Environmental & Technical Assurance LVT

The supply and quality of general commercial hardwood plywood continues to be compromised by the acute short supply of legal and sustainable high-quality hardwood logs. Plywood is an integral component of the subfloor and its ability to perform is of paramount importance.

SP101 Flooring Plywood is developed specifically for the flooring industry and is manufactured with an acute attention to detail which underpins its performance and reliability. Strictly controlled and monitored production processes guarantee that SP101 provides the ultimate assurance for flooring applications.

  • BS 8203: 2017 Code of practice for installation of resilient floorcoverings
  • Annex A: Guidance on the selection and specification of suitable plywood for fabricated underlays

Hanson Plywood were pleased to be involved in the technical consultation process initiated by the CFA which enabled the inclusion of a plywood specification reference within this standard.

This was seen as a significant development for the industry, as it now gives manufacturers and installers a clear reference on the specification of plywood that should be used for a successful and reliable installation. Trained fitters that are working to BS 8203 now need to ensure they are using the correct specification of plywood. Manufacturers of LVT, adhesives and all other allied products have acknowledged and welcomed this addition to BS 8203 standard. Plywood which is BS 8203 compliant is naturally demonstrated at most flfloor-fitting training schools throughout the UK.

Environment and sustainability
The UK timber industry has comprehensive systems in place to ensure legality and sustainability of timber products. Products have to be technically sound and fit-for-purpose and must comply with all relevant environmental criteria.

Indonesia is the first country in the world to complete the process of a voluntary partnership agreement (VPA) with the European Union (EU), legally obligating the country to implement a licensing scheme to regulate trade in timber and timber products. This ensures all timber exported from Indonesia has to be fully traceable and certified under Indonesias’ countrywide timber legality assurance scheme, SVLK.

SVLK was the first timber legality assurance scheme to be recognised by the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) as a framework that assures the legality of timber sourced in Indonesia.

All timber products certified under SVLK and exported from Indonesia are FLEGT licenced. A FLEGT licence ensures full, verifiable compliance with the EU/UK Timber Regulation.

SP101 Flooring Plywood provides the highest standards of technical and environmental assurance.
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