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Springbond underlay provide a high-performance underlay

SPRINGBOND underlay has been eco-engineered to provide a high-performance underlay with an outstanding set of benefits making it the greener, cleaner, quieter, and safer choice in both residential and commercial applications, says Texfelt.

It’s manufactured from PET recycled plastic bottles and is genuinely 100% recyclable after use without the need for added chemicals or bonding agents, meaning Springbond is the ultimate eco-friendly underlay, according to Texfelt. ‘Springbond is easy to cut with no hard lumps, is dust-free and manufactured in 1.5 metre rolls to help minimise wastage during the installation process.’

The company continues: ‘Springbond is the quietest underlay available on the market and sets a new industry standard offering a huge 57dB of sound absorption without any compromises on performance.

‘By reducing the transmission of sound within buildings it can go a long way to help towards excessive noise levels that can interfere with daily life and is particularly suitable to multi-floor housing developments, potentially negating the need for additional subfloor acoustics products to satisfy building regulations.

‘Finally, but perhaps most significantly, Springbond has an impressive set of safety credentials. With virtually no VOCs and zero added chemicals, this hypoallergenic underlay is safer to fit and safer in the home.’

Texfelt concludes: ‘Springbond is the perfect alternative to PU foam, allowing our customers to choose an environmentally friendly product without compromising on performance.’

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