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Sprung specialise in all types of fitness flooring, safety solutions and outdoor surfaces

A SUPPLIER of fitness flooring says it’s set for an impressive summer season withsome new ‘innovative packages and fresh product offerings’.

Gym Flooring and its brand name Sprung are an ecommerce business specialising in all types of fitness flooring, safety solutions and outdoor surfaces. They’ve launched ‘exciting new packages that are designed for ultra efficiency to the customer, volume discounts and customised products that facilitate specific activities such as extreme weight training and sports’.

In the company’s words, the new additions include:

Garage flooring packages
Garage spaces are no longer just for storing the family car and now have much wider purpose.
Homeowners are becoming much more creative in how they use their exterior space and a clever way of maximising functionality is by investing in multi-purpose flooring that serves a number of uses from home gyms and play spaces to studios and workshops.

Gym Flooring has devised a versatile flooring package solution that has been pre-measured to fit a UK standard single or double garage space including waste, an aspect of the installation that many customers overlook.

The garage flooring package comprises of Sprung Bestselling Pro rubber tiles in a choice of three popular thickness options. Customers can order with confidence that this all-purpose solution will accommodate their space and align all their requirements.

Sprung PRO HD Tiles – Why do they work well in a garage?
Sprung PRO tiles are well known for their high protection and performance in gym and fitness applications but they also provide a robust and durable surface for general garage use, workshop functions and car maintenance.

With a heavy-load capacity the tiles support vehicles, bikes, weighty machinery and equipment, preventing damage and providing an additional layer of protection to the subfloor.

High protection and sound reduction qualities
Many homeowners favour their garage space as a home gym, another reason why this product application works so well. Sprung PRO tiles deliver optimal shock absorption from intense training and high impact workouts while reducing any sound disturbance from noisy equipment and weight drops. The non-slip top layer allows for excellent traction while being comfortable and ergonomic to train on for long periods of time.

Excellent insulation
Perhaps one of the most valuable benefits of this garage floor system is its superior insulation properties. The PRO tile is constructed of strong, SBR and EPDM rubber recycled from truck tyres which provides a substantial layer of cushioning. The rubber substrate retains heat and prevents warmth from escaping in areas which are prone to draughts and moisture such as outbuildings and Garages. This opens up opportunities for homeowners to extend their use of the Garage for other functions such as home working, kid’s play and hobbies.

Flexible aesthetic
Pro Rubber tiles have a tasteful, sleek finish which complement any garage fitness or utility space. The stylish and uniform look contributes to the overall aesthetic making it easier to keep garage areas clean and free from dust and clutter. Virtually maintenance-free, rubber PRO tiles are simple to keep clean and are resistant to moisture, mould and bacteria.

The Big Team Range
The company has also turned their attention to products that can accommodate specific fitness activities, the key objective for the Big Team series, a practical and economical solution for extreme Weightlifters and Olympic athletes. The UK market has yet to see a rubber floor tile above 60mm and Sprung have developed their own series, the Big Team collection which surpasses the standard options available to date.

The Big Team is a combination of two ultra thick rubber tiles fused together to form one mass layer of protection and sound reduction. Ranging from 86mm to 126mm, these extra dense tiles provide absolute defence against damage, body injury or accidents. The solution is perfect for cross-fitters, parkour, Olympic weights, bodybuilding and extreme sports training.

Colourful new products
Another bright addition to the mix is the launch of the company’s Rainbow Tile – a vibrant blend of EPDM flecked rubber with advanced colour clarity and an ultrasmooth, deluxe surface. This latest arrival to their gym tile collection offers customers wider colour and design choice, at the same time adding a touch of luxury and comfort.

PVC Court Tiles
The company’s modular court tile collection has always been diverse with various systems available for basketball, futsal and volleyball.

A new and improved Multi Court system has recently been launched which integrates all the components of the popular sports courts into one solution. Made from high grade rubberised mesh, these clever tiles have a seamless self-locking system allowing for simple installation and disassembly.

They have superior durability, easy portability and are designed to withstand all adverse weather conditions meaning they are suitable for a wide range of applications from domestic use to competitions and events.

More new products for 2023
Sprung Gym Flooring have plans to increase their dynamic catalogue of flooring products further with a focus on multi-functional solutions and more unique gym surface designs to be launched later in the year. With home style gyms and multi-use living spaces becoming increasingly popular, this flooring supplier believes that providing engaging floor designs that not only score high in practicality, but also add flair and personal style is essential.

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