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‘Stick with confidence’ with UltraFloor Stick IT 543

Over the past 15 years, luxury vinyl flooring has undergone a complete transformation. Advances in manufacturing techniques have meant LVT has become the fastest growing category in flooring.

Its versatility is perhaps LVT’s most appealing characteristic, says ULTRAFLOOR. Consumers can create beautiful floors that are easy to care for, clean and maintain for a fraction of the cost. Ideal for domestic and commercial projects, it’s clear to see why LVT flooring is a firm favourite.

UltraFloor says: ‘LVTs always look their best when laid on a smooth subfloor. It’s important when installing LVT, you choose a smoothing underlayment and adhesive that dries with an extremely smooth finish, as any lumps or bumps will be obvious once the vinyl is laid.

UltraFloor Level IT Smooth has been specifically formulated to do just that. Pump or trowel applied from 2mm- 30mm, Level IT Smooth has a smooth finish and boasts a superior flow, perfect for larger flooring projects.

With a coverage of approximately 5.5sq m at 3mm, Level IT Smooth is suitable for underfloor heating systems, has a working time of 20-30mins and can receive foot traffic after just two or three hours, allowing you to start installing LVT quickly.’

The company adds: ‘Stick your LVT floor covering with confidence with UltraFloor Stick IT 543 adhesive. This pressure sensitive, water-based adhesive has been specifically designed for use with LVT tiles and is ideally suited for areas of high temperature and direct sunlight, such as conservatories and shop fronts.

Stick IT 543 has superior shear resistance to minimise floorcovering shrinkage under heated conditions and boasts a high bond strength when cured. Choose UltraFloor Level IT Smooth and Stick IT 543 for a super smooth-running project, every time.’

If you haven’t used UltraFloor before, why not get in touch with the UltraFloor team to arrange a free demonstration. Alternatively, you can enhance your knowledge of the UltraFloor range, learn a new skill, or brush up on the latest flooring techniques by attending an UltraFloor Academy Day.
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