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Stopgap Micro Rapid is the best in the market according to flooring contractors

SINCE its launch last year, flooring contractors have reportedly been quick to brand F Ball and Co’s new flexible, rapid-drying floor finishing compound, Stopgap Micro Rapid, as the best on the market.

Stopgap Micro Rapid, says F Ball, can be applied to a seamless feathered edge to fill indentations formed by screws used to secure plywood and hardboard sheets as well as the gaps at joints between the panels.

‘It can also be used to repair minor surface defects in a wide range of other absorbent surfaces, including sand/cement and calcium sulphate screeds. It’s ideal for use where an ultra-smooth surface is required to prevent imperfections affecting the finished appearance of new floorcoverings, such as when installing luxury vinyl tiles.’

F Ball points out that the product has become a firm favourite with flooring contractors since its launch, with many taking to social media to vouch for its ultra-smooth finish and rapid curing time.

‘After someone accidentally walking through the not so dry latex, F Ball’s Stopgap Micro Rapid was our saviour; it’s easy to mix, quick drying, and does what it says on the bag,’ commented Simon Llewellyn on Twitter.

Also on Twitter, Jake Willis said: ‘Used it today and it’s by far the best out there!’

In another comment on Facebook, Martin Thompson said: ‘It’s fast drying and easy to rub down.’
JMG Flooring also said: ‘A quality product. Does what it says on the bag. Smooth finish and a rapid drying time.’

‘Game-changer! Used this week in two different weather conditions and still cures sharp.’ – Rich Forbes (Instagram).

Away from social media, Craig Thomson, contracts director at Harlequin Floors, which provides flooring solutions for prestigious arts and events venues around the world, said: ‘We’ve used Stopgap Micro Rapid for a few large-scale installations, some of them at renowned locations around the UK, and it performs like nothing else. It’s smoother and faster drying than anything on the market, and helps us achieve the immaculate aesthetic appearance that our customers expect. It’s now our go-to floor finishing product.’

Says F Ball: ‘The latest addition to F Ball’s range of floor finishing and repair compounds utilises the same advanced cement technology as the company’s fast-track levelling compounds. It’s walk-on hard and ready to receive new floorcoverings from just 20 minutes after application, and priming is not required prior to use, making it perfect for use when working to tight time constraints and deadlines.’
Commenting on the response to Stopgap Micro Rapid, F Ball sales director Darren Kenyon said: ‘We’re delighted to be able to utilise cutting-edge technical knowledge to provide flooring contractors with a floor finishing compound we believe is superior to anything they’ve used before.

‘We’ve been able to demonstrate the new product to hundreds of contractors at over 60 trade days at wholesalers around the country in the past three months, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. They were particularly impressed by the smoothness of the finishing compound and improved drying time, an important factor for contractors who face increasing pressure to complete projects to ever tighter time constraints.

‘As a manufacturer, feedback like this is invaluable when it comes to developing the next generation of flooring installation products. We invite those who haven’t already tried Stopgap Micro Rapid to see how it performs for themselves.’

Stopgap Micro Rapid is a water-mix product, supplied as a pre-blended dry powder, protein-free, reportedly making it suitable for use in biologically sensitive areas, and its beige colour allows for easier marking out.

Concludes F Ball: ‘The product is available in 8kg eco-pouches, which are 100% recyclable, easy-to-handle, convenient to use and designed to provide extended product shelf-life. The pouches can be easily resealed and transported, allowing contractors to use as much of the product as needed and keep the rest to hand until required.’

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