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SYNCROS says it’s wiping the floor on entrance matting solutions

SYNCROS says it’s wiping the floor on entrance matting solutions. Entrance mats are the first line of defence against foot-borne dirt and moisture. Yet research shows the average entrance mat absorbs so much material that, without correct fitting and follow-up care, it becomes ineffective after just two weeks of use.

Says Syncros: ‘As the UK’s leading entrance matting specialists, we – part of the PHS Group – provide matting solutions for trade, retail, shopping centres, and end-user clients from all the leading matting manufacturers. Our highly-skilled and fully-certified inhouse installation team combines more than 120 years’ experience and covers the most critical qualifications, from Master FESSI and SSSTS to First Aid and CSCS.’

Not only, the company adds, does the combination of an inhouse installation team allow it to offer a flexible 24/7 design, supply-and-fit service backed by knowledgeable and friendly support staff – including a dedicated point-of-contact – but it also ensures it’s ‘in the best position to fully manage the quality of workmanship throughout the process’.

‘Having supplied its range of entrance matting since 1995, Syncros has built a strong client base, and established a reputation for supplying high-quality solutions direct to the flooring and contractor trades.’

It continues: ‘What’s more, by ensuring our team understands the unique needs of each customer, Syncros can provide the perfect entrance matting solution for every business and environment, from site survey through to installation and aftercare, including matwell cleaning. For added peace-of- mind, each customer’s assigned project manager is always at the end of the phone to help with technical advice and ensure the project is managed efficiently, on time, and at a time of day or night of their choosing to cause minimal disruption.’

Finding the right solution for your business
First impressions count, so choosing the right entrance matting products for your building is essential. ‘With Syncros supplying and installing more than 100 different matting solutions from world-leading manufacturers, there’s certainly much factor into the decision-making process.

From a purely practical perspective, entrance mats offer that all-important first line of defence against dirt, germs, and moisture from incoming foot and wheel traffic. This helps maintain floorcare hygiene and protect expensive interior floorcoverings from premature damage while preventing slips and trips.’

Key to determining the most effective entrance matting solution for each building is assessing the physical and design requirements of the three key zones. In addition to external and primary entrance matting systems, many organisations will benefit from additional matting in secondary zones to increase the dirt and moisture removal while creating a carpet-like finish.

When the iconic Royal Liver Building – one of Liverpool’s ‘three graces’ – invested in a new reception area (pictured), it was critical the matting echoed its Grade 1 status and historic detailing. The final approach – a combination of ribbed rubber inserts in zone 1, textile inserts in zone 2, and Cft-s1 fire-rated entrance matting fibre – helped create the right first impression while being durable enough to meet the location’s exposed location and inclement weather.

Equally, as the first thing visitors or staff members see when entering your premises, matting can provide customers with an ideal brand awareness opportunity. While personalised entrance mats that include a company’s logo can add valuable branding while creating a warm welcome, this custom process also proved invaluable during the pandemic, with some businesses choosing to print Covid-19 safety messaging to further support workplace health.

While Syncros says it holds a wide variety of stocked and to-order entrance matting products which are available on a supply-and-fit basis, it also caters for contractors’ supply-only needs – a service which also benefits from same-day collection or next day delivery on many of our stocked products.

Matting trends
Syncros has found customers are increasingly moving away from ordering templated matting. Where once the traditional approach was to template the mat-well, then wait a few weeks or bring in a specialist to install the matting, new technical developments mean companies now enjoy a wide range of easy installation and cost-efficient options.

Continues the company: ‘This new wave of matting ranges from Syncros’s pioneering Gradus Access Click ‘mat in a box’ style to the all-new Syncros Aviator aluminium system, both of which are designed to be as easy to install as laminate flooring, and are ideal for use by many scenarios, from schools to airports.

‘Equally, locations with more unusual shapes and challenging designs may require more elaborate matting systems. The Gradus Esplanade range is an example of a product with a two-to-three-week lead time that works particularly well in heavy wheeled traffic locations and high footfall, such as the building pictured.’

However, perhaps the biggest industry-wide trend is for a more environmental approach to matting to help companies fulfil their CSR obligations. ‘This is why a large proportion of our new mats have been made from sustainable sources such as ECONYL yarn, a polyamide made by recovering nylon waste from fishing nets, fabric scraps and carpets destined for landfill. As a result, our mats keep our customers’ floors clean while also helping clean up the oceans and our planet.’

Cleaning and follow-up care
With a typical mat in a busy area typically picking up 2kg of dirt a week – the equivalent of two bags of sugar – it can lose its absorbency within a fortnight. ‘Syncros can provide tailored aftercare and maintenance services, with deep-cleaning services for all types of flooring offered as part of our maintenance offering – a hassle-free service that is available as a one-off or ongoing service.’

To find out about the latest entrance matting options on the market, use the easy reference guide on Syncros’s new website.

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