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Take proper care of your wooden floor

I’M an interior designer so I visit many homes. Broadly my customers are one of two types: the first group wants their furniture and floor surfaces to be as low-maintenance as possible. The other group enjoys being surrounded by natural wooden surfaces and is happy to do what it takes to be able to appreciate them to their full potential.

I have one foot in each camp, you could say. In my own home I’m happy to try to enjoy the natural surface of the wood. In my summer house, I prefer having to do as little work as possible. For both scenarios it’s important wood is cleaned using the right kind of soap.

If your floor is soap or oil treated the soap you use must not have a degreasing effect. The soap should clean the wood and treat its surface so it can resist grime and be easy to keep clean.

My oiled floors
I have a large bedroom with an oil-treated solid wood floor. I clean the floor with Woca Natural Soap and now that I know about Woca Oil Refreshing Soap, I use this to clean the floor every fourth clean.

A couple of times a year I apply some Woca Oil Care which I apply with a cotton cloth or wool pad. It does not take very long, so mostly it is a question of remembering to do it. Because I had not given my floor the right treatments from the start, there are tiny holes in the surface in a few places, where dirt can get underneath the oil. I therefore deep cleaned the wood floor with Woca Intensive Wood Cleaner and then oiled it with Woca Maintenance Oil to reseal the surface of the floor.

My lacquered floors
As told my husband and I have a lovely summer house, where we have had a lacquered wooden floor fitted. The house will be in use all year round and we will be loaning it to friends and family.

We clean the floor with Woca Master Cleaner and use multiple mops to swap round as we clean. I have a note in my planner once a year to remind me, to wash the floor with Intensive Wood Cleaner to remove soap residue. Afterwards we treat with Woca Master Care applied with a wool pad to cover any scratches in the lacquer. This will keep the floor looking great for many years with absolute minimum maintenance.
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Tina Dalbøge is a Danish interior designer

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