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The Bona resilient system

Bona are passionate about finding new innovative solutions in all areas that they are involved in and are now able to offer a comprehensive range of sustainable, high-performance products and treatments for rubber, PVC, and linoleum resilient flooring. Applying their expertise with coatings and maintenance products, gained from over 100 years of experience with timber floors, creating a totally unique program for caring for and maintaining resilient flooring effectively and with minimum disruption. The high-quality resilient renovation and care program allows the ongoing maintenance of resilient floors to ensure continual performance, but also allows floors to be transformed when worn or degraded, rather than replaced. In heavy traffic scenarios, surfaces can be sealed for additional durability and long-term protection.

Some resilient floors become damaged and heavily worn, often patchy in appearance. Traditionally this would be the point where the floor is replaced. However, with the unique Bona Recoating treatment, vinyl, PVC, linoleum, and rubber floors can be resurfaced quickly. This process can involve a complete transformation of the floor as it can be recoloured before protective layers are introduced. By renovating the existing surface rather than replacing it, a lengthy installation period is avoided along with the inconvenience of disposing of the old floor.

The renovation process involves repairing any holes, splits, and broken welds in the flooring using an innovative two pack polyurethane filler (Bona PU Filler), which is extruded from a cartridge. With the surface intact removal of any previous maintenance products takes place using Bona PowerRemover R, an effective stripper, combined with wet abrasion using Bona Diamond abrasives.

This not only removes all contamination but also provides a physical ‘key’ for the coatings that follow. After the wet sanding the surface is rinsed with clean water and all residue removed with a scrubber-drier.

When dry the surface can be treated with either transparent coats of Bona Pure or Pure HD.

Alternatively, depending on the nature of the project, the floor can be re-coloured (any RAL colour) using Bona Pure Colour followed by the transparent coats. This treatment can also be applied to new resilient flooring including LVT which can serve to increase the durability of the flooring but also seals and fine joints between adjacent panels or tiles. This has been shown to increase the effectiveness of cleaning and reducing the presence of microorganisms.

To prove the hygiene performance of the Bona recoating system, Bona commissioned a study of its use on LVT flooring – the type typically used in hygiene-sensitive areas such as hospitals, clinics, and dental surgeries, etc. The test, carried out in conjunction with the IFR Institute in Germany, was to verify that a smooth, joint-free LVT surface can be created by overcoating with Bona Pure, achieving a surface that met the standards required by the internationally recognised TRBA 250 (Technical Rules for Biological Agents in Healthcare and Welfare Facilities).

Not only is it much cheaper and quicker to renovate old resilient flooring compared to replacement, it reduces energy consumption and Co2 production with the existing floor retained, reducing landfill. Also the possibility of treating newly installed LVT floors in order to produce a more durable and hygienic surface is highly desirable.

Cost effective
As budgets continue to be stretched, value for money is essential. Renovating existing flooring generates cost-savings over the significantly more expensive option of replacing with brand new flooring.

Bona’s floor renovation system is cost-effective, saves time and money, provides excellent value for money and allows facilities to transform old, worn resilient flooring without having to endure the high cost or downtime of replacement.

Safety and hygiene
Renovating to create a monolithic or ‘flat’ surface ensures that floor resists bacteria and microorganism growth, including those hiding in joints, scratches, and other hard-to-reach areas. In heavy traffic scenarios surfaces can be sealed for additional durability as well as long-term protection.

Minimal disruption
By renovating an existing flooring surface rather than replacing it, there is minimal downtime. A lengthy installation period is avoided along with the inconvenience of disposing the old floor.

The Bona system provides extremely durable wear-resistance and long-lasting protection against heavy-traffic. Due to a faster curing process, the floor is ready to be used in just 12 hours after applying the final layer, compared to the multiple days typically needed for a new installation. In most cases, using Bona will mean 50% less downtime.

Environmentally friendly
Using less harmful and toxic materials is safter and more sustainable. Rather than tearing out existing flooring, which often ends up in landfill and is environmentally harsh producing dust and germs, our solution revitalises surfaces so that the floor never needs to be stripped again.

High quality performance and aesthetics
Over time, repeated deep cleaning and heavy traffic may diminish the appearance and quality of the surface. Bona’s application of a new protective layer restores the original lustre and prolongs the life of the floor; providing protection and durability from both chemical and physical wear.

Plus the extensive options for patterns, designs and colours ensure a modern and welcoming look.

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