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The Tilemaster Hygrometer is a surface-mounted, non-destructive device for testing the relative humidity

Proper preparation of the surface is the key to a successful installation, and the first thing to do before starting work is to check the substrates relative humidity as damp will cause any installation to fail.

The Tilemaster Hygrometer, described by the company as a surface-mounted, non-destructive device for testing the relative humidity (RH) of the substrate is literally made for the job. Where the surface humidity is too high for the safe application of smoothing compounds or flooring, an epoxy surface dampproof membrane such as Tilemaster FAST One Coat DPM, a fast-curing, one-coat, epoxy resin DPM should be installed.

If necessary, the floor can be smoothed before and after application with Tilemaster Super Flow 30 or Tilemaster LevelFlex+ FINISH.

Where only minor repairs are necessary Tilemaster Rapid Repair Mortar+ or Tilemaster Feather can be used. Rapid Repair Mortar+ is a rapid-drying, fast-setting mortar for internal and external repairs, designed for repairing, re-facing, filling and patching floors, says Tilemaster.

‘It can be used in thicknesses between 2mm and 50mm on concrete, sand and cement screeds without the need for additional aggregate. Rapid Repair Mortar+ is also moisture-tolerant, making it suitable for use under a DPM and in wet areas. It can be walked on after 30 minutes, and resilient floorcoverings can be fitted after 90 minutes.

‘Tilemaster Feather is a fast-setting, ultra-fine, high polymer patch-repair, and smoothing compound which dries in as little as 15 minutes, allowing installation to progress rapidly. It’s been developed to improve subfloors prior to the installation of a new floorcovering and can be applied in depths of between 0mm and 3mm on various substrates.’

The company concludes: ‘It’s ideal for patching and feathering depressions, trowel marks, ridges, gouges and day-work joints in the subfloor, as well as for smoothing over screw-heads and joints between sheets of plywood.’

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