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The trends of LVTs which will see us into 2024

THIS year many of us have been trying to bring a bit of luxury into our homes in a way that’s laid-back and budget-friendly.

Casual Luxury
Quiet Luxury is the trend that everyone’s been talking about. Think understated elegance, serene simplicity and sustainable choices. It’s all about creating a luxe, casual aesthetic that uses warm, neutral tones and natural accents, says the company.

The HARVEY MARIA MSeries collection of authentic wood and stone effects is said by the company to ‘work perfectly’ for this trend. They’re said to be recognised for their low impact on the environment in all aspects including the production process, product composition, emissions and indoor air quality and sustainable construction. The company adds: ‘These hand-crafted designs with ultra-realistic wood grain emboss, or rough stone texture, plus a unique matt finish, means they look and feel like real wood or stone, but are massively practical and durable. The whole series reflects the trend of adding organic, textured materials into our homes, and Harvey Maria continues to see growth in their Herringbone collections.’

Nostalgic Revival
The move towards a more eco-friendly and slower way of life continues to drive the trend for all things vintage-inspired and the mixing of modern and antique styles, meaning a renewed demand for heritage patterns and Victorian-inspired floor tiles, says the company.

It adds: ‘The new Walbrook collection and bestselling Northmore, reflect this trend perfectly.

Authentic patina and rich historical tones, give a stylish look when paired with darker walls or wood panelling. Harvey Maria is seeing customers being more eclectic with the colours and patterns they choose for their flooring, which can be paired with a more neutral decor or one of their natural effects alongside.

Harvey Maria has been creating unique luxury vinyl tiles for over 25 years. All designs are said by the company to be durable and easy to maintain, providing a waterproof and slip resistant finish. It adds: ‘Our floors work beautifully in busy homes and demanding commercial spaces alike.’

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