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Tilemaster Adhesives embraces sustainable evolution under Kerakoll banner

THE Tilemaster Adhesives range of smoothing and levelling compounds has been firm favourites with flooring contractors since it was launched more than 10 years ago.
Says the company: ‘The range is seen as providing excellent quality and value for money. The decision has now been taken to move all Tilemaster products under the Kerakoll banner. This will allow the company to dedicate itself to delivering superior customer service, an exceptional product offering, and an enriched brand experience without the distraction of managing two brands.

‘Tilemaster’s well-loved products will keep the same quality and consistency, now enhanced with a sustainable edge. They are being re-engineered to be more environmentally friendly and safer for installers, for example by minimising volatile organic compounds (VOC) in line with the Kerakoll aim of building better places to live.

‘Another distinctive feature is the inclusion of the Kerakoll Green Building Rating on the product packaging, an emblem of sustainability which demonstrates the company’s commitment to environmentally conscious building practices. The Green Building Rating provides a transparent measure of the product’s most relevant sustainability characteristics, allowing the installer to see at a glance how environmentally-friendly a product is.’

The company will start the process in the flooring sector in June when the first products will appear under the Kerakoll brand. ‘Watch this space for the news which should please both fans of the existing range and new converts. Developments will also be announced on our website and via our social media channels.’

Contact the company for more information and technical advice on products for your particular project.
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