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Tilemaster Adhesives says it offers a full range of professional adhesives

TILEMASTER Adhesives says it offers a full range of professional adhesives which are said to be suitable for tiling with ceramic, porcelain, and stone suitable for all substrates, tiling materials, and site conditions.

Says the company: ‘Where a flexible adhesive is required, Tilemaster Adhesives has a choice of standard, semi-rapid and rapid setting products in the Setaflex range, a polymer-modified, flexible cement-based wall and floor tile adhesive.’

Both Setaflex Standard Set and Semi-Rapid Setaflex have been developed to give an extended pot life, making them suitable ideal for working with larger, difficult to manoeuvre tiles, says Tilemaster. It says they can be used internally and externally on almost all substrates, including timber, and are described as excellent for use in areas exposed to prolonged wet conditions.

‘Tilemaster Standard Setaflex has a pot life of 3-4 hours and can be grouted after 24 hours. The Semi-Rapid version offers a great compromise between extended workability, with a pot-life of 90-120 minutes, and a fast setting time, as it’ll accept light foot traffic and grouting after six hours. Rapid Setaflex has a pot-life of 30 minutes; it can be walked on and grouted after about three hours.’

When tiling natural stone it’s important to pick the right adhesive for the stone; in general it’s best to use a modern, polymer-modified adhesive ‘such as Tilemaster Setaflex and Ultimate ranges which are suitable for use with most types of natural stone. Grey adhesives can show through light coloured limestone and marble, so it’s advisable to choose a white version’.

The company continues: ‘Certain very porous stones and quartz are more likely to absorb water and for these Tilemaster Adhesives recommend Tilemaster Ultimate. Its low water content, rapid setting time and the fact it’s polymer-modified all help avoid curling and staining which are the two main issues with these types of stone. Tilemaster Ultimate was developed as a flexible adhesive for use on a large variety of difficult to tile substrates including fibreglass and metal surfaces.’

Tilemaster concludes: ‘Stone should be solid-bedded and larger tiles back buttered to enhance adhesion. The tiles should be grouted with Tilemaster Grout 3000, a flexible, fast-setting wall and floor grout which can be used for joints between 1mm and 20mm and will not scratch softer polished stones such as some marbles.’
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