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Timelapse your flooring projects

We’ve all tried to film images of our work for our own social media channels, with our smartphones, only to find that the set up was wrong, the footage looks like old fashioned snaps, or the recording was interrupted by having to answer a phone call. We could commission a professional photographer to capture our images which will get the images done, but this will come at a cost that most of us just can’t justify.

Kensington Trims has developed a simple to use and cost-effective timelapse photography solution. If you can use a smartphone, you will be able to use our new ‘timelapse go kit’. In collaboration with our partners, we have been working on a flooring industry award-winning time-lapse camera kit – ready to go, straight out of the box. You are able to set it up and leave running to record your project without interruptions while you work.

Everything you need to capture up to six days’ worth of 1080p high resolution timelapse film of your flooring projects and upload to your media channels.
Included in the aluminium carry case is:

  • Atli camera 1080p resolution
  • mini tripod
  • silicon sleeve
  • 16gb SD card
  • battery
  • cables
  • all the instructions to get you started

Setting up your camera is easy, simply download the app to your smartphone and you are ready to start filming with award-winning 1080p resolution timelapse camera.

Also included in the package are a few essential flooring tools from Sweeney Todd blades:

  • 8m tape measure
  • dolphin knife
  • box for blades

NB: always ask the owner of the project if you can publish images of their project before uploading to the internet.

Timelapse will open up a whole range of filming opportunities to impress your clients. For further information or to pre-order please contact

If you work on longer term projects demanding a longer timescale we have other camera options available please contact us with your project requirements

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