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Trelawny’s grinding options offer efficient and durable single and twin-head machines

TRELAWNY SPT describes itself as an independent manufacturer of pneumatic tools and surface preparation equipment operating from its headquarters in the engineering heart of the UK in Leamington Spa. For more than 60 years Trelawny has been offering a range of equipment for the preparation of concrete, steel and stone in industries which include:

  • Construction
  • Marine and offshore (oil and gas)
  • Floor preparation
  • Nuclear decommissioning (remediation)
  • Utility contracting
  • Restoration, refurbishment, and demolition

The company says its products are sold worldwide through a global network of quality approved stockists and distributors. The complete range of Trelawny products include:

  • Scabblers
  • Grinders and polishers
  • Scarifiers
  • Surface strippers
  • Descalers
  • Dust control

Says the company: ‘Trelawny’s grinding options offer efficient and durable single- and twin-head machines, ideal for levelling uneven floors, removal of coatings and adhesives, polishing concrete floors, and repairing damaged concrete. Low vibration technology has been incorporated into the design to offer long periods of safe trigger time, as well as dust control options to ensure optimal safety for the operator.

‘The scarifier range includes the Trelawny TFP200 and TFP260, which are ideal machines for fast and effective concrete reduction, removing hard coatings and floor paints as well as levelling, grooving, and texturing concrete leaving a profiled finish. These machines are available in electric, petrol, and pneumatic power options all with integrated dust extraction ports fitted as standard. The Trelawny TFP series is a productive, robust range of scarifiers ideal for professional contractors and hire customers.’

The company continues: ‘Trelawny pneumatic handheld and floor scabblers use tungsten carbide tipped cutting heads to prepare surfaces prior to the application of fresh concrete, paints, and coatings. Scabblers effectively work around the stone properties within concrete to leave this exposed giving a profiled finish for fresh materials to bond to.

‘These machines are highly productive, easy to use, and still offer the same low vibration and dust control features as grinders and scarifiers. Surface stripping within the range is covered by our pneumatic Long Reach Scrapers and the TFS230 Floor Stripper.

‘These two products cover a wide range of surface stripping tasks from carpet, vinyl, and lino stripping to ceramic tile, plaster and render removal. A range of different blades and chisel attachments are available to suit multiple tasks.’

Trelawny adds: ‘Trelawny’s handheld descaling tools come in the form of pneumatic needle and chisel scalers, the VL range of scalers are ideal for small area surface prep, texturing, and coatings removal. Their ability to work accurately into corners, edges and around fixtures make them a great partner tool often used in conjunction with larger prep machines. The range offers excellent HAVS protection with extremely low vibration levels as well as optional dust control attachments to constantly offer protection to the operator and the working environment.’

As those in the industry will be aware, permanent injury can result to the hands and arms from the vibration caused by operating powered equipment. Occasional exposure is unlikely to cause ill health, however regular and frequent exposure to hand arm vibration (HAVS) needs to be managed in order to protect operators.

Says Trelawny: ‘Vibration reduction technology is built into specific products within the Trelawny range to combat the threat of harmful vibration levels to the operator, alongside the dust control options compatible with their scarifiers, grinders, needle scalers and scabblers.

‘The nature of our tools and machines is to remove surface coatings and consequently, this can create dust in the surrounding atmosphere. In order to combat this, we provide integrated and optional dust shrouds for our equipment, which when connected to vacuum dust collectors (also available from Trelawny), enables the collection of harmful dust and debris.

‘Our tool and vacuum system (TVS) range has been designed specifically to ensure the recovery of silica dust, lead-based paint, asbestos contaminants, and other hazardous and non-hazardous materials from the source of surface preparation equipment and hand tools, which further provides operators with a safe and clean working environment.’

The company continues: ‘In industries such as nuclear and steel preparation, our tools will often be used to carry out projects in hazardous and explosive environments. For such circumstances, we produce spark resistant beryllium copper needles, cutter heads and chisels. This metal combines high strength with non-magnetic and non-sparking qualities to deliver a safe, yet efficient execution of the task at hand. In line with this, Trelawny also offer ATEX-certified products, designed to tackle common surface preparation tasks found within explosive environments, but with full compliance to health and safety requirements.’

Concludes Trelawny: ‘Trelawny products provide the unique offering of designing their tools and machines with their customer’s own branding and colour schemes. In the form of a heavy-duty vinyl, working in partnership with customers to design bespoke wraps to feature their own company branding and include additional product info, QR codes to training guides or details of other products and consumables that are available. This feature can be tailored to any customer to gain maximum benefit out of a particular machine.’

Contact the company using the details below to discuss how the use of its equipment could benefit you or to arrange a product demonstration with one of its team.
01926 883781

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