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TREMCO Offers a range of water mixed and two-part latex underlayments

TREMCO says it’s encouraging flooring contractors to explore its trusted full system approach to achieve a superior finish for projects, and benefit from the best in protection, speed of installation and ease of application.

Says the company: ‘For more than 75 years, TREMCO has been the UK’s leading choice for flooring solutions. Over the decades, the brand has built a reputation for the quality of its products and the provision of superior technical support.

‘From its position as the founders of damp-proof membranes, through to present day initiatives such as the introduction of advanced technology smoothing compounds – TREMCO puts innovation at the core of its product range and services.

‘For the flooring sector, systems available include damp-proof membranes, smoothing compounds, and adhesives. All are engineered to be fully compatible with each other.’

The company continues: ‘That means peace-of-mind for contractors, who can rely on TREMCO to deliver a superior finish that is less likely to fail, with a right first-time approach reducing the risk of costly labour having to be allocated to correct faults.’

‘The pioneers of DPMs’
The company continues: ‘As the original founders of damp-proof membranes, TREMCO’s heritage is unparalleled. Modern advances see it pride itself today on its extensive range, built on years of experience, which is renowned for its quality and affordability.

‘Products include ES100 One Coat Universal DPM, ES200 Fast Curing Universal DPM, and ES300 Surface DPM. For larger projects, ES400 Bulk DPM can be called on to deliver, while ES500 Sheet Membrane and ES600 Moisture Vapour Suppressant complete the line-up.’

The smooth choice
TREMCO adds: ‘Offering a range of water mixed and two-part latex underlayments, TREMCO can provide the right product for every application when it comes to smoothing compounds. The range is designed to save flooring contractors valuable time and money, with competitive walk-on and drying times, no matter what or where the project is.’

TREMCO’s range of two-part latex underlayments reportedly offer a solution for what’s described as general-purpose, high performance, and moisture-tolerant applications. These, says TREMCO, are supported by a comprehensive range of water mixed underlayments, featuring fibre-reinforced, SR1 capable, deep fill and cost-effective product solutions.

The water mix range can be hand or pump applied for heavy-duty applications, adds TREMCO. ‘Both latex and water mix ranges have underflooring heating compatible products. Repair compounds, comprising of a selection of patch repair and feather edge compounds are also available.’

A variety of adhesives
TREMCO continues: ‘TREMCO’s wide range of adhesives allow for the application of all floor coverings, across a variety of areas. They offer a solution for the most complex installations, including specific requirements such as heat or moisture resistance, low-VOC, non-allergenic qualities, or flexibility. A range of high-performance hybrid polymer adhesives is also available and each TREMCO adhesive has been developed to support the longevity of the floor in installation.
‘TREMCO, and its sister flooring brand Flowcrete, are both part of Construction Products Group (CPG UK), along with illbruck, Vandex, Nudura, Dryvit and Nullifire.

‘Under the CPG (UK) portfolio, high-performance building materials – including flooring, as well as waterproofing solutions, sealing, bonding, insulation, and fire protection systems – are all available under a single source for specifiers and contractors.’

The company says: ‘And it’s not just about products. TREMCO, Flowcrete, and ultimately all CPG customers, have access to enhanced resources with an international perspective, including technical support from industry experts, new product development opportunities and access to pioneering technologies.’

Concludes TREMCO: ‘Full training, including CPDs, application training (practical and theory) and onsite support such as surveys, complete the service package for specifiers and contractors.’

Mark Bradley, TREMCO area sales manager, says: ‘Without a solid flooring preparation system in place, the consequences for the entire flooring installation can be in jeopardy, but that focus on innovation and quality throughout TREMCO’s product range and services means that installers and specifiers can have complete peace of mind that the foundations are being laid to ensure a successful flooring project where TREMCO is chosen.

‘Systems available include damp-proof membranes, smoothing compounds, and adhesives, and all products are geared-up for a wide-range of requirements, to meet the modern demands placed on refurbishment and newbuild projects.’
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