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Tremco’s SX300NA high performance latex underlayment ensures a well-prepared base

To ensure the success of any floor finish, choosing the right smoothing compound is critical, and Tremco’s SX300NA high performance latex underlayment has been developed to ensure you have a well-prepared base for your floorcoverings, says the company.

Whether you’re looking at a newbuild or refurbishment project, Tremco’s range of smoothing compounds are designed to save flooring contractors valuable time and money, with competitive walk-on times and drying times, Tremco adds.

Tremco’s SX300NA is what the company describes as a high-performance latex underlayment and is used for the preparation and smoothing of interior subfloors.

‘It’s a two-part general-purpose smoothing underlayment developed for use prior to the application of a liquid applied DPM and receiving of a floorcovering. With a compressive strength of 21.9 N/sq mm, SX300NA can be applied directly after mixing, then trowelled to form a smooth, even finish. Use of a spike roller can reduce visible trowel marks.’

Tremco recommends thorough subfloor preparation before applying SX300NA. Surfaces should be free from contaminants such as grease, oil, dust and should be clean and dry.

In addition, other smoothing compounds should be thoroughly removed prior to the application of SX300NA.

In some cases, it may be necessary to prime, and Tremco recommends using its CS190 Gritty Primer for porous and nonporous substrates as part of its full system offering.

Tremco lists the key benefits of SX300NA as:

  • Moisture tolerant: can be used for pre-smoothing
  • Self-priming on most surfaces
  • Low odour and protein-free
  • Short setting and cure time, facilitating fast-track programs and minimising disruption
  • ‘Excellent’ adhesion to a range of common flooring substrates, including concrete, sand/cement screeds, flooring grade asphalt and Tremco surface DPMs.

    The company says it should be used in well-ventilated conditions and care must be taken when handling or storing the mixture. Appropriate personal protective equipment must be worn.
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