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Tricas flooring partners with UltraFloor for seamless care home flooring istallation in Kensington

TRICAS Flooring has used UltraFloor’s expert subfloor preparation materials to install 100sq m of flooring at a care home in Kensington, London.

A communal living area at a Kensington-based care home has undergone a makeover, with thanks to UltraFloor’s professional subfloor preparation materials, and Tricas Flooring’s expert flooring skills.

The challenge
With just one day to complete the 100sq m project, speed was of the essence for this project. In addition to a quick turnaround, it was imperative that Tricas Flooring chose the best subfloor preparation materials to create a supersmooth floor, with no lumps or trip hazards, to keep residents as safe as possible.

The solution
UltraFloor and Tricas Flooring have partnered regularly on several projects with UltraFloor products delivering complete confidence and assurance every time. Familiar with the outstanding performance of UltraFloor materials, Tricas Flooring were confident they would get the job done with ease and deliver the results needed on time.

To begin, the team applied UltraFloor Prime IT Multi-surface Primer to the concrete substrate before Level IT Super30 was applied to depths of 3-5mm.

Says UltraFloor: ‘Formulated to promote the adhesion to all UltraFloor smoothing underlayments, Prime IT Multi-surface Primer reduces pinholing, minimising the risk of costly failures. With a coverage rate of 200sq m at 3:1 dilution, Prime IT Multi-surface Primer is a must-have product for all flooring installation projects.

‘UltraFloor Level IT Super30 is a high
strength rapid setting smoothing underlayment, designed for projects that demand a fast turnaround, such as this one.

‘Suitable for use with most floorcoverings, Level IT Super30 can be walked over in as little as 30 minutes and can receive unbonded floorcoverings after just 45 minutes. Its low odour formulation means this fantastic leveller is suited to confined areas, providing a pleasant environment for contractors, staff and residents.

‘What’s more, Level IT Super30 is protein-free, reducing the risk and spread of disease as the types of dangerous and contagious bacteria that thrive in protein are eliminated.’

Owing to the reported performance of UltraFloor and the talented team at Tricas Flooring, the 100sq m job was completed in just one day, with no problems. On using UltraFloor, Alex Page, senior contracts manager at Tricas Flooring, said: ‘We were really happy with UltraFloor. The fitters loved using Level IT Super30.’
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