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UltraFloor Level IT Hydra Bond is a ground-breaking, water-based floor leveller

ARE environmental credentials important to you? Want to use environmentally friendly products without compromising your high standard of work? UltraFloor says it takes the hard work out of being eco-friendly with the introduction of Level IT Hydra Bond, what it describes as a revolutionary water-based floor leveller.

The company says: ‘The first of its kind, UltraFloor Level IT Hydra Bond is a ground-breaking, water-based floor leveller that can be applied to bitumen and adhesive residues without the need to prime. Until now, the only products suitable for these types of substrates were bag-and-bottle levellers, however this revolutionary smoothing compound offers all the properties of traditional bag and bottle products without the need for a liquid additive.

‘The unique properties of Level IT Hydra Bond don’t end there! This is innovation on a global scale. Level IT Hydra Bond is a super polymer modified smoothing compound which utilises UltraFloor’s unique Ecosphere Technology – a process which enhances application and boasts unrivalled flow properties.’

The company continues: ‘By utilising Ecosphere Technology in its formulation, UltraFloor is pleased to announce that every bag of Level IT Hydra Bond not only contains 20% recycled material, but also eliminates the use of single use plastic bottles – helping reduce the carbon footprint of your project.

‘The combination of UltraFloor’s exclusive Ecosphere Technology and high quality cement and polymer blend formulation makes Level IT Hydra Bond the only product in the commercial, retail and industrial flooring market that has the flow and finish of a premium water-based product, with the versatility and tolerance of a bag-and-bottle compound.’

Adds UltraFloor: ‘Level IT Hydra Bond saves time, money, and the environment by removing the need for intensive preparation, priming and single use plastic bottles. What’s more, this extremely versatile floor leveller reduces costly site failures, even on problematic subfloors such as old adhesive residues, bitumen, flooring grade plywood, ceramic tiles, and anhydrite screeds.’

UltraFloor says it’s committed to creating a sustainable future for the flooring market. With that in mind, UltraFloor will donate 10p from every launch edition bag of Level IT Hydra Bond to Staffordshire Wildlife Trust.

The company concludes: ‘UltraFloor is changing the future of the flooring industry. Order your bag of Level IT Hydra Bond today and be part of innovation on a global scale. For more information on Level IT Hydra Bond, pricing enquiries, or to request a product demonstration.’
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