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UltraFloor’s superior smoothing underlayments shine in healthcare and beyond

ULTRAFLOOR says it has a long, successful history of projects in the healthcare industry ‘and with a superior range of smoothing underlayments on offer, it’s easy to see why’.

In August 2023, longstanding UltraFloor customers, Specialist Flooring Group, utilised Level IT Two to install 800sq m of vinyl sheet flooring throughout Kingston Hospital.

Says UltraFloor: ‘Level IT Two is suitable for use in healthcare settings. This multi-purpose floor leveller is protein-free, reducing the risk and spread of disease as the types of dangerous and contagious bacteria that thrive in protein are eliminated, and is low odour, providing a pleasant environment for staff, contractors and recovering patients.’

On working with UltraFloor, Riley Goatham, project coordinator at Specialist Flooring Group, commented: ‘We have a great continuing relationship with Instarmac. We use UltraFloor materials as they are of a great standard, and we receive amazing technical support from the UltraFloor team. This ranges from site visits to having specifications provided to us for certain projects. As always, the materials were great for this project. Level IT Two allowed us to use one levelling compound throughout, regardless of the substrate type, and provided us with a nice level floor to work with.’

Continues UltraFloor: ‘Level IT Two is also a popular choice for flooring contractors completing works in schools and colleges. Earlier this year, 14 Flooring used UltraFloor to prime, level and install the new flooring across 200sqm at Marshall Park Academy School.’

On using UltraFloor, Daniel Lunan, director at 14 Flooring, commented: ‘Level IT Two was used for two reasons – performance and price. When needing many units for larger areas, costs can rise considerably, especially when uplifting the existing floor and not knowing what will be uncovered. The cost-effective price of Level IT Two, its ability to be used over most common substrates and its smooth flat finish made it the smoothing underlayment of choice for this project and will be used again for the upcoming work in the school.’

Adds UltraFloor: ‘UltraFloor is known for manufacturing excellent, rapid setting smoothing underlayments – critical for projects where speed is key. One such project was a care home in Kensington where 100sq m of flooring needed to be levelled and installed in just one day.

‘Familiar with the outstanding performance of UltraFloor materials, Tricas Flooring was confident it would get the job done with ease and used Level IT Super30 to deliver the results needed on time.

Owing to the fantastic performance of UltraFloor and the talented team at Tricas Flooring, the 100sq m job was completed in just one day, with no problems.’

On using UltraFloor, Alex Page, senior contracts manager at Tricas Flooring, commented: ‘We were really happy with UltraFloor. The fitters loved using Level IT Super30.’

UltraFloor and Tricas Flooring partnered once again for a 3,000sq m project at the iconic Ninja Warrior UK Adventure Park. The flooring team used Level IT Super Flex 30 to create what was described as a super-smooth finish – dodging lumps and bumps in the floor wasn’t one of the challenges. ‘What’s more, this incredibly flexible smoothing underlayment was also used to level the infamous 3.6m high Warped Wall.’

Says the company: ‘Another legendary visitor attraction to benefit from UltraFloor’s expert portfolio of products was The Loch Ness Centre and Exhibition. For this exciting location, Gilham Flooring used UltraFloor’s ground-breaking, Level IT Hydra Bond, to prepare the 270sqm area.’

On using UltraFloor, Gilham Flooring commented: ‘We were really pleased with the performance of the products and the price is excellent for the finish they leave. UltraFloor is now our go-to brand for floor preparation products.’

Continues UltraFloor: ‘These projects are just the tip of the iceberg for UltraFloor. Others include Grantham College, a refurbished office on Upper Street in London, First Cymru Ltd, student accommodation in Birmingham, Radisson Red Hotel, Victoria Place Shopping Centre, and many more.’

To find out more about UltraFloor’s range of subfloor preparation materials, use the below contact details.
01827 254402

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