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Versatile self-leveling compounds: F Ball and Co’s solutions for industrial flooring needs

For industrial applications where floorcoverings aren’t required, rapid-setting, industrial grade self-levelling wearing surface compounds, reportedly such as F Ball and Co’s Stopgap 800 Wearcoat, offer a suitable solution. ‘It has a special class abrasion resistance, making it suitable for upgrading and renovating new and existing internal floors heavy-duty industrial applications including factories, warehouses and workshops.’ Says the company.

‘For external applications or for situations that may nominally be inside but still subject to external weather conditions, a purpose-designed exterior grade smoothing underlayment is required. Stopgap 850 Exterior, for example, can be used in light to medium duty areas and once cured is unaffected by rain or frost. If required, it can be finished with a suitable non-slip coating or it can be left as a standalone exterior wear surface.

‘Owing to its moisture-tolerant properties, the product can also be used internally over damp, uneven concrete and sand/cement screeds prior to the application of a waterproof surface membrane.’

In areas where water or other fluids may come into direct contact with the cured smoothing underlayment, F Ball recommends the surface is treated with a sealer, such as Stopgap Seal, a water-dispersed modified polyurethane sealer.

‘This,’ says the company, ‘provides a hygienic and protective surface and eases maintenance by reducing the adhesion of dirt and other debris. It also offers a level of chemical resistance to many commonly found chemicals in industrial/commercial applications.

‘If it’s the case that an internal floor requires a floorcovering, such as vinyl or other resilient material, a smoothing underlayment formulated for heavy-duty use should be selected instead. This will ensure the floor will be able to withstand heavy, concentrated loads, for example, from the wheels of a trolley used to transport heavy equipment or machinery.’

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