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Vital vinyl tips you can learn from DJ Scratch

Scratching vinyl creates rhythmic percussive sounds in hip-hop and rap music as DJs move records back and forth. But just like with the vinyl in floor tiles, scratching causes damage. DJs call it ‘record burn’. We in the flooring trade simply call it ‘unnecessary’.

Why? Well there are simple, proven, cost-effective solutions from Stroolmount to protect your vinyl floors, so just one scratch doesn’t ruin it forever.

The protection saves angry customers and bosses, repairs and delays, insurance claims, and premium hikes. Which saves £1,000s – that’s only a few minutes work for top scratching DJs – but for you it could save your business.

Which is music to your ears.
Let’s take a spin at Stroolmount’s top three: Self-adhesive felt, Quickclick Glides, and Move-it Pads.

  1. Self-adhesive felt: sheer quality from just 1p
    ‘Others may cut corners,’ says Gill Finch, Stroolmount’s MD, ‘but we go for best quality as we know that works best. Our felt is a hefty 5mm thick for better protection, plus, when our extra-strong adhesive is stuck on, it stays put.’
  2. Quickclick in your high street
    Stroolmount only sell to the trade, who then sell to their customers. So Stroolmount solutions end up in famous places.
    Quickclick glides’ long-term flooring protection shows up in the UK’s most popular spicy chicken restaurants. Plus, with Quickclick the buck stops with Stroolmount: it’s the new star at the UK’s most popular high street coffee shop chain, dampening the noise of chairs scraped back and forth by up to 75%, hushing the complaints from residents above.
    Should the shop swap the floor, Quicklick has that covered too with 4 interchangeable glides protect wood/laminate, vinyl/carpet, tiled floors, and even an anti-slip version.
  3. Move-it Pads help fitters get a move on
    Flooring fitters find Move-it Pads so easy to move heavy furniture in and out of rooms as it just glides across the vinyl, carpets, and hard floors. DJs could learn a lesson and use them for moving hefty speakers and tech equipment. The pads come in a handy carry bag for the trade to take to the next job, or as a flourish of goodwill, to give to the customer.

    See them in action
    There’s nothing like seeing the products in action. See Stroolmount at the Manchester Furniture Show 17-20 July, plus at the Harrogate Flooring Show 18-20 September.

    Plus take a look at the demonstration videos on stroolmount.co.uk. See how fast the Quickclick is to use and swap over; how easy it is to blend repair kit wax to the perfect shade; plus how with Move-it Pads, a heavy sideboard slides around like a dance partner.

    Award-winning products
    Stroolmount products have won numerous awards in their time and they give a competitive edge to customers to win awards too. ‘If you’re using our protection products in your CFJ/CFA Awards entries, then please let us know,’ says Gill. ‘If you’re not then you should be!’

    Never lose a sale
    Increasingly retailers realise it makes sense to stock Stroolmount products, especially as they can be own branded. Why sell flooring to customers and send them to a DIY store to protect it. By stocking the solution themselves, retailers reinforce their credentials as flooring experts. ‘When customers want more protection products,’ says Gill, ‘they’ll come into your store, so you’ve an opportunity to sell them your new ranges!’

    Struggling? Just ask Stroolmount
    Family-run Stroolmount prides itself on personal service. The trade are often amazed that they can message and get Gill’s expert advice there and then.

    ‘You asked for it, so we invented it’
    It’s not just with personal service where Stroolmount go the extra mile. They develop/source products too. ‘We’ve helped a hotel, as their staff couldn’t move the heavy bedside cabinets to clean the room on the uneven floors. So we sourced height adjustable glides so the staff could both move heavy furniture easily and protect the floor.’

    ‘We’ve found the Holy Grail’
    Customers came to Stroolmount to solve the biggest problem of all – recliners. ‘Heavyweight mechanisms make recliner sofas and chairs impossible to move. We discovered the Holy Grail by developing Recliner Glides so upholstery’s easy to move to clean around without putting your back out or damaging your floor.’

    Don’t just take our word for it. See what Stroolmount’s customers say:
    ‘Quickclick ensures that we protect our beautiful floors from irreparable damage and allow easy movement of furniture.’

    ‘Self-adhesive felt was quick and easy to apply and has given us peace of mind that our solid wood floor is protected.’

    ‘My husband was shocked as (with Move-it Pads) I’d moved heavy furniture on my own, without damaging the flooring.’
    So keep your vinyl flooring looking sound, look at Stroolmount.
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