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XPS Foam says it’s the only UK manufacturer of XPS Underlay

XPS Foam says it’s the only UK manufacturer of XPS Underlay. Based in north Wales, it produces its Extruded Polystyrene Underlay ‘XPS’ from 100% recycled plastics, using the very latest in extrusion, thermo-forming, and recycling processes.

It says: ‘Our sustainable choice portfolio encompasses a range of underlays that provide exceptional performance on wood and concrete subfloors and can be used with wood, laminate, and LVT flooring. There are various depths, formats, and foiling capabilities depending on the usage needs. Plus, as they are UK based, they offer a fast order turnaround, eliminating the cost of import freight.’

5mm Classic
‘Made from 100% recycled plastics, our bestseller, and the most sustainable choice, the XPS 5mm Classic Underlay board offers superb noise reduction as well as enhanced strength, thermal and floor levelling properties. Lightweight and easy to cut with a knife for installation.’

4mm Premier
‘Made from recycled plastics, The XPS 4mm Premier Underlay is our most superior fan-fold Underlay. At 4mm thick, it offers superb strength and thermal properties and also includes a vapour tight foil membrane with application tape to create a moisture resistant barrier. A fitter-friendly grid is supplied for easy cutting during installation.

Talk to XPS about how to become a stockist of the XPS Foam Underlay range on 01352 741683 or visit www.xpsfoam.co.uk. To become a stockist or to place an order, contact your QEP account manager.
01283 245430

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