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Shaw Contract introduces New Path on EcoWorx S backing– a closed loop collection

New Path is the latest carpet tile collection from commercial flooring designer-manufacturer Shaw Contract EMEA. The new collection heralds the next step on Shaw’s journey to combat carbon impact with the introduction of Shaw’s innovative new plastomer polyolefin EcoWorx S™ backing. 

Inspired by experience, community and diversity, the new cradle to cradle silver certified® carpet tile collection promotes a sense of belonging and engagement within the spaces where we work, learn and collaborate.  

Diverse creative possibilities  

Available as a 50x50cm carpet tile in three unique styles, Upbeat, Positive and Poised, each style offers designers a choice of adaptive forms, undulating lines and organic shapes. Available in 12 colours, each styles can be used in isolation or in harmonious collaboration to create calming or stimulating schemes.  

Produced at Shaw’s carbon neutral facility in Scotland using 100% renewable electricity, this  EcoWorx S™ collection fully embodies circular economy principles by using EcoSolutionQ100™, solution dyed nylon made from 100% recycled content.

Closing the loop 

New Path carpet tiles with EcoWorx S™ backing are designed for enhanced durability to perform in high-demand environments. Made from plastomer polyolefin compound, EcoWorx S™ backing is bitumen free and 50% lighter than other backings.  

Closed loop recyclable, at the end of its useful life New Path on EcoWorx S™ carpet tile becomes the raw material for its own production. The entire carpet tile can be returned to Shaw Contract as part of Shaw’s Re[TURN] reclamation programme meaning when you send it back  you are contributing to a closed loop lifecycle.  

Healthy environments 

New Path is Indoor Air Comfort Gold certified® for low-emitting products, demonstrating a focus on quality and contribution to healthier indoor environments and conforming to the highest Eurofins standards for low product emissions requirements. The collection is optimised for low embodied carbon and carries a 15-year lifetime commercial warranty.   The New Path collection on EcoWorx S™ backing is now on display at Shaw Contract’s Great Sutton Street showroom in Clerkenwell, London. 

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