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Shaw Contract Unveils Floor Architecture III: Meeting colour trends demands for commercial interiors

Floor Architecture III is the new carpet tile collection that meets the current trend in colour palette demands for commercial flooring. Available in three styles three colour groups and three backings. It provides a modern “go to” collection for commercial interiors choice for interior designers, architects, and flooring contractors. 

Three Styles, Three Colour Groups, Three Backings 

The Floor Architecture series has consistently emulated the organic beauty of natural stone, polished concrete, pebbles, and small rocks. What sets Floor Architecture III apart is the boundless potential it offers in terms of colour and style combinations. 

This new collection features three distinctive styles: Stone, Fragment, and the structured geometric pattern of Formation. 

Complementing these styles are three new colour groups: Saturated, Pastel, and Subtle Colour Accent. The result of six months of colour exploration, these palettes comprise 27 options – 18 unique, vibrant colours and nine neutral shades, all seamlessly harmonising with one another. The Saturated colour group exudes earthy warmth and stability, the Pastel offers optimism and serenity, while the Subtle Accent colours introduce understated vibrancy into spaces. 

Versatility through Backings 

What makes Floor Architecture III truly exceptional is its availability on three carbon-neutral and recyclable backings: EcoWorx S™, TaskWorx®, and ComfortWorx®. 

EcoWorx S™: Made from a plastomer polyolefin compound, this backing is 50% lighter than others, closed-loop recyclable, Cradle to Cradle® Silver certified, and the first carpet tile in the world to receive the Works-with-Well mark. 

TaskWorx®: A cost-efficient performance carpet tile utilising 75% recycled content from a 100% post-industrial recycled source. 

ComfortWorx®: Designed to provide acoustic and underfoot comfort, it reduces impact noise by 50% and enhances sound absorption by 65% compared to standard carpet tile and hard surfaces. Each square meter of ComfortWorx® tile is created from 67 PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) plastic bottles. 

Promoting a Healthy Environment 

Floor Architecture III is produced in a carbon-neutral manufacturing facility in Scotland and boasts certifications such as Cradle to Cradle and Indoor Air Comfort Gold®. Its EcoSolution® Q100 yarn is made entirely from 100% recycled content nylon fibre. The collection is optimised for low Embodied Carbon, comes with a 15-year warranty, and can be returned to Shaw Contract at the end of its lifecycle through the Re[TURN] reclamation programme. 

Discover Floor Architecture III 

The Floor Architecture III collection is currently showcased at Shaw Contract’s Great Sutton Street showroom in Clerkenwell, London. For those seeking innovative and sustainable design solutions for commercial spaces, this collection is not to be missed. 

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