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Junckers sports flooring

WHEN it comes to sports and multipurpose activity spaces, the floor is arguably one of the most important considerations.

It has to be safe, high-performing and durable, and conform to industry standards. A considerable investment, a sports floor needs regular professional maintenance to ensure optimum condition – with the right care programme a solid wood sports flooring system can last for generations.

Says Junckers: ‘A trusted product designed specifically for sports floors with decades of performance history under its belt, HP Sport is one of the most durable lacquers on the market today. Dubbed ‘the UK’s no 1 sports lacquer’, Junckers’ two-part water-based lacquer has a tough and flexible non-cracking finish, superior to hard, brittle UV products.

‘By using HP Sport as part of a maintenance programme, clients can take advantage of Junckers’ 25-year warranty, a successful scheme run through Junckers’ Approved Maintenance Contractors. Using another brand’s products will invalidate the warranty.

‘HP Sport is part of an integrated range of primers, lacquers, cleaning products and line marking paint, offering a complete sports flooring solution. A free annual health check to assess the condition and performance of a sports floor is available through Junckers’ network of contractors.’

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