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How having protection can help you survive

2021 – hindsight’s a wonderful thing. So true. COVD-19 has devastated the High Street and many online retailers. Here’s how Stroolmount is helping the furniture and flooring trade recover…

Tap into the booming market
Working from home and social isolation has unleashed a frenzy of home makeovers. People are doing all those projects that they’d previously planned, but never had the time to complete.

New furniture, new flooring, new rooms. Families all need places to work from home and for school homework.

So here’s your opportunity: protection.

Covid-19 teaches us that we should be prepared with protection. Whether the trade installs new furniture or flooring – or customers redecorate rooms – furniture and flooring need keeping apart. When they meet, harm often happens.

Flooring gets scratched, scraped, scarred, dented and chipped. Furniture gets fatally weakened when pushed across a floor: carpet fibres anchor the feet and joints fatally lurch to one side.

Act before you scratch
A single scratch can mean £1000s in repairs and damage claims, angry customers, an even angrier boss as the profit is down or even wiped out. Plus, all the extra paperwork and hassle putting it right – and your next job’s delayed too. Even afterwards, it’s not forgotten: you’ve the excess to pay and hikes in your insurance premiums for next year.

One scratch and so many problems could so easily be avoided, thanks to simple protection from Stroolmount.

Protection from 1p
Stroolmount’s Protect & Care products safeguard your floor, your furniture, your back and your business says Gill Finch, Stroolmount’s MD: ‘Since 2007 our specialist protection products have saved business £1000s in repairs with solutions from as little as 1p. At that low price, you can’t risk not caring for your flooring, furniture and your business.’

Protect and Care
Stroolmount’s Protect and Care range knows all about keeping one element separate from another.

Their Self-adhesive felt cushions the impact of furniture preventing scratching on floors. While the Quickclick Glides, Move it Pads and Furni-glides let anyone smoothly move heavy furniture across hard floors and especially carpets.

Furni-glides are made from PTFE (that’s Teflon to you and me) and the special Furni-glides for heavyweight recliner sofas and chairs make them easy to move and clean around.

Match the scratch
Should the worst happen, Stroolmount’s Furniture and Floor Repair Kits restore the showroom good looks to solid woods, veneers, laminates and even vinyl, for a fraction of the cost of French polishing.

Very real opportunities for the trade
There’s nothing virtual about the opportunity for the trade. Stroolmount’s
Protect and Care products offer real benefits, real customer loyalty
and real increases in vital sales, or to show an exceptional level of
care beyond the sale by giving them away as promotional freebies:

  • Add them to online ranges.
  • Include them as add-on checkout options.
  • Give them away as promotional items.
  • Advertise a brand with own label versions.

Take a look at how Stroolmount’s Protect & Care products
can protect your business in 2021.

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