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Condor Group accelerates towards sustainability goals with circular developments and eco-friendly products

BY reducing emissions, reusing materials, and recycling products for circular development, the Condor Group is right on track in achieving its sustainability vision ‘On a Roll to Zero Emission’, says the company.

With all eyes on conserving the planet and making the world a better place for today’s and future generations. With that in mind, the Condor Group connects with stakeholders for circular developments and optimises its production facilities to continue ‘Covering the world’ in a sustainable manner.

Meet the Condor Group, ‘one of the top three largest carpet manufacturers’
With 100 years’ experience in the group and an annual production of 140m sq m, the Condor Group says it operates as one of Europe’s leading carpet manufacturers.

‘With seven specialised subsidiaries divided into the various in- and outdoor textile industries, the Condor Group is covering the world by delivering in more than 100 countries. That’s why taking responsibility for conserving the planet has always been top-of-mind. The Condor Group has been working on clean energy, reusing waste, and recyclable products for quite some time now, but it’s time for the next step.’

‘On a roll to zero emission’
The Condor Group says it’s taking big steps in realising its ambitious sustainability goals. The changing climate, growing awareness of consumers on their impact and the increasing demand for sustainable products have created an enormous motivation for the Condor Group to implement the sustainable development goals of the UN. ‘Having the main focus on clean energy, sustainable innovation, and circular development, the Condor Group is right on track in making the organisation more sustainable and becoming closer to zero-emission production.’

The company says: ‘We can make a difference and are therefore determined to become a sustainable supplier by reducing our emissions and creating circular products.’

It continues: ‘Having set a major step with more than 13.000 solar panels onsite, the Condor Group also collaborates in the biggest solar park in the Netherlands. This solar park consists of more than 328,000 solar panels on an area of 85.5 hectares, which causes our renewable energy to increase to 50% this year. This puts the Condor Group in sight of the goal of 100% renewable energy by 2025.’

‘A closer step towards circularity with ALLOA’
Sustainable production is a huge step, but in the end, the products have to be more sustainable as well. ‘That’s why the Condor Group commissioned its R&D department years ago to develop circular products. With the arrival of our ALLOA (All Over Again) brand, this dream has become reality. In the coming years, ALLOA will introduce an extensive range of products across all segments that are made from recycled materials and can be recycled again and again. This brings the organisation closer to a closed loop.’

‘Fully recyclable ALLOA Grass in production’
The group continues: ‘Artificial grass expert Condor Grass has already taken the first steps towards circularity. Last year it introduced the ALLOA Pura 100, a fully recyclable artificial grass. And the next innovation is already in the pipeline; the ALLOA Pura 200 which is mainly made from recycled Pura 100. And it doesn’t stop there. Behind the scenes, Condor Grass has already come a long way with the development of artificial grass completely made from natural materials. That sounds nice, right?’

‘Closing the loop with circular car mats’
Condor Cartex, the automotive supplier of the Condor Group, reportedly saw the same opportunity. ‘They’ve been working extremely hard in developing fully recyclable car mats as a first step to reusing carpet waste. Today, Condor Cartex is already able to use up to 50% recycled content in its ALLOA car mats and a 100% recycled product is under development. That product will fully close the loop, which is a major step towards circular development in the automotive industry.’

‘On the way to 100% circular carpets’
The next step? Use this knowledge and developments towards circularity for the benefit of residential carpets. For almost 10 years, the Condor Group has made use of recyclable yarns like for instance Econyl. These yarns, which are mostly generated from plastic (sea) pollution, were the first step in developing circular carpets. Now the Condor Group is working on carpets produced without unused waste, that can be reused and recycled again and again. Unique and of course the ultimate goal for the Condor Group.

‘ALLOA has led to incredible steps towards a sustainable future and brings us closer to achieving our vision; creating sustainable textile (flooring)solutions for everyone.’

‘Circular products from sustainable production facilities’
The group continues: ‘Efficient production is where the Condor Group makes the difference. The link to sustainability is therefore quickly made. Facilities with the highest sustainability label (BREEAM Outstanding), mostly without gas, with lots of renewable energy and efficient logistics, the Condor Group sets new standards. Also, the brand-new facility of member VEBE – which should be in operation in 2023 – underlines this once again. With this ultra-modern production facility, VEBE strives to receive the highest sustainability label; the BREEAM Outstanding.’

Continuing in covering the world, circular
The group concludes: ‘In short, the Condor Group is right on track in becoming even more sustainable. Striving to achieve ‘Zero Emission’ with tens of thousands of solar panels, its eco-brand ALLOA and continuous optimisation of their facilities. The Condor Group speeds to a circular future to make the world better and healthier for current and future generations. That’s how the Condor Group will keep ‘Covering the world’, but in a sustainable and more circular way.’

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