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Countdown begins for the launch of the Sustainability Guide 2024

EXCITEMENT is starting to build for the release of the new CFA Guide to Sustainability 2024. The CFA is delighted to share its ideas of new sustainability developments in the flooring industry. Being mindful towards the environment has always been a strong ethos for the CFA and every year, the association brings out a new supplement full of fresh ideas to inspire the sector to ‘do their bit’ for the planet.

Packed full of exclusive examples of how individual companies have developed their methodology in designing products in more eco-friendly ways, such as the ingredients in the products themselves or the way they’re disposed of, illustrates the processes companies are beginning to implement and are leading the way towards a sustainable future in the industry.

The publication to be released next month, is the bible that all companies in the industry should follow, whether they’re distributors, manufacturers, or contractors. The whole industry is in the new movement together and need to have a proactive mindset in becoming green, rather than being reactive, which inevitably will happen, when the government brings new eco-regulations into fruition that must be followed. It’s clear the industry must make changes now on their own accord rather than waiting to be told, because it ensures businesses can evolve strategies to the highest potential rather than having to rush them into manufacturing processes.

Alongside industry professionals that have already implemented sustainable practises, the guide also contains exclusive interviews with the big leaders in the sustainability sector. In previous issues, this has involved speaking with the likes of Jane Thornback, who’s worked on the invaluable Sustainability Briefing Documents which are available on the Construction Products Association (CPA) website, and Stuart Young, head of stakeholder management and engagement at the Construction Unit in the Department for Business and Trade. They’ve both given crucial advice and information to guide the industry into becoming more aware of the damages caused by businesses and the changes that need to be implemented.

In this year’s guide, the CFA have carried out an exclusive interview with the directors of the UK’s first carpet recycling factory, a very significant movement forwards into helping the flooring industry, among other industries, help achieve net zero by 2050, the UN and UK Government target.

If you want to ensure your company is taking the right steps towards becoming more economical, see the latest issue of the sustainability guide below.

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