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Do sustainable practises benefit my company? The CFA Guide to Sustainability has the answer

The main question often asked in the industry is ‘Why does adapting to sustainable practises benefit my company?’ There are many answers but one of the main reasons is because consumers are asking for it.

Consumers have become very pro-environment in the world of flooring so companies should develop and move with this demand. If they don’t, then they’re risking customers walking away to a competitor who can.

‘How can I develop my business to become more sustainable?’ Look no further because the CFA’s Guide to Sustainability is a ‘must have’ when it comes to converting your company to becoming green. The publication is compact with sustainable strategies, methodology, regulations, techniques, and advice from professionals who work in the sustainability sector as well as case studies from flooring companies who’ve already made greener developments in the way they work.

In the guide, Westcotes Flooring Company states how sustainability is a ‘fundamental’ part of its corporate being.

Carl Harper, managing director, explains that being eco-friendly is being filtered down through its processing and procurement enabling them to develop its eco-strategies, while MacGregor Flooring Company is taking responsibility through working with Recofloor and CRUK, and is taking part in metal and packaging recycling processes.

Why not start your sustainable journey today and explore how your company can do its bit for the environment. See our most recent guide via digital page-turner on the CFJ and CFA websites below:


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