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Eco practices to be published in upcoming CFA Sustainability Guide

THE CFA Sustainability Guide is set to be published in June, featuring everything you need to know about sustainability.

Whether it’s the changes we globally need to achieve to reach a greener way of living and working, or new regulations that are coming to fruition, and what we can do as an industry to do our bit to dampen the effects of global warming, the guide has been created so we can evaluate how we can adapt and change for the better.

Exclusive to the guide, there will be interviews discussing the climate crisis, how it’s ongoing and how last year 2023 was the hottest year on record, as well as interviewing the directors of the UK’s first carpet recycling factory. This step is groundbreaking and sets the tone the industry needs to follow, and companies need to evaluate how they can change to meet these standards. It also highlights how we as an industry, among others, need to work together to play our part in achieving net zero by 2050, the UN and UK Government’s target.

Some of the other features in the guide include speaking with recycling organisations such as Recofloor and Carpet Recycling UK (CRUK) who’re constantly researching the industry and investigating what needs to be done as well as holding their own conferences where sustainable initiatives are discussed.

The guide also celebrates those who’re already developing sustainable practices, demonstrating proactive concepts which should inspire the industry to follow.

If you want to ensure your company is taking the right steps towards becoming more economical, see our latest issue of the sustainability guide below, or if you would like to demonstrate your eco methodology and developments you’ve made as a business in the upcoming issue in June, get in contact now:
See the most recent guide via digital page-turner on the CFJ and CFA websites below.

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