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Granorte ‘meeting demand for sustainability and style’

THE TRENDCollection from Granorte continues to push the boundaries in sustainable design, bringing four collections that showcase the versatility of cork at its very best, says the company.

‘From the collection itself, through to its website, brochures, point-of-sale, and video, TRENDCollection spreads awareness that cork is a floor of the future designed perfectly for the modern home. TRENDCollection provides retailers with a comprehensive range to satisfy consumer demand for products that address a desire for sustainability and style with the added elements of durability and practicality.’

Granorte continues: ‘The TRENDCollection boasts superior resistance and stability while combining the beauty of wood looks, the durability of vinyl, the comfort of cork, and the ease of click installation. The range tackles the sustainability and material concerns of the most eco-conscious consumer, being created using recyclable and reusable materials and constructed without the need for Orthophthalate resins.

‘For homes looking to use cork’s powerful aesthetics as a driver in the interior, NATURTrend celebrates the many natural looks of pure cork with 12 nature inspired cork veneers. Its WEARTOP finish provides a hard-wearing super matt surface and a 1mm cork layer adds thermal and sound insulation. From the cool grey poured concrete aesthetics of Fein grey through to the traditional warmth of Klassik, each is a perfect solution for millennial consumers.’

DESIGNTrend sees high-definition direct digital print onto a cork décor layer with a click HDF core and cork base layer, says Granorte. Available in 16 designs, the range provides a wood-effect floor from its white bleached looks of Oak blanc through to the dark grains of Oak rust and all spectrums of stylish greys and warm woods in-between.

‘SOLIDTrend is available in 10 wood and two stone designs. Its rigid polymer core results in a stable waterproof product and a thin 5mm thickness makes it easy to install. The on-trend greys of Soho through to the warmer tones and grains of Timberland emphasise the ranges adaptability to cope with both modern loft living and the more traditional home.’

Continues the company: ‘VINYLTrend features 31 designs with a wide spectrum of wood looks, trend-focused concrete and textile-effect basket weave. Its vinyl core layer and 6.5mm swell resistant HDF core board construction creates a highly scratch and abrasion resistant floor. It truly engages with a broad style audience from minimalism to maximalism and retro through to contemporary.’

Paulo Rocha, product and R&D manager, Granorte reveals: ‘TRENDCollection showcases the variety of design and product available placing cork’s firm and clear benefits in the conscious of a new audience of homeowners and designers. Significantly widening the appeal of this wonderful natural material, it’s a development that’s sure to capitalise on the growing demand for natural and sustainable interior finishes.’

Granorte concludes: ‘Retailers finding ways to keep up with the ever-changing and increasingly demanding consumer can feel confident the TRENDCollection focuses on today’s savvy consumer and provides longevity and adaptability for the consumer of tomorrow.’
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