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Innovative sustainable strategies and product development

Flooring manufacturers and contractors are working to create greener products and develop sustainable strategies to minimise CO2 emissions.

THE CFA’s guide to sustainability is one of the most influential publications to help the flooring industry look forward to a greener future.

Ball and Young feature in the guide where they speak its history. Since it became part of worldwide foam and fibre giant, Vita Group in 1989, its sustainability journey began. In 1995, the company introduced its famous Cloud 9 underlay which is made from foam trim offcuts, which are shredded and rebonded into new foam, cementing the start of innovative sustainable products. Ball and Young’s story is one of many companies that are trying to develop their products for a greener future.

AG Flooring is also another member of the industry trying to think green. AG Flooring is a contractor working in the North-West, mostly on commercial projects, including the likes of hospitals, schools and stadiums and Network Rail infrastructure. Kelly Gayle, office administrator, explains in the sustainability guide how these clients are demanding contractors work to environmental requirements. Because of these demands, the company have set up a Carbon Reduction Plan, aimed specifically to reduce emissions to help improve the environment, and to help achieve Net Zero emissions by 2050. AG Flooring is an example of many contractors trying to change the way they work to minimise environmental damage. The publication contains many more sustainable strategies which can be seen via digital page-turner on the CFJ and CFA websites below:

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