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Introducing Modus: exploring nature’s influence

DECAY. Transform. Become. Nature’s force is undeniable. It’s in nature’s nature to thrive. To generate beauty where it’s so often overlooked.

Here, modulyss introduces Modus, the latest of its carpet tiles collection, which it says was inspired by these natural processes.

The new designs draw on the visual patterns formed by the ageing and weathering of man-made materials and structures. By the relentlessness of the elements over time.

Rust, Ivy, Fade, Trace
The four pillars of the Modus collection represent various facets of decay and the beauty inherent in their impact. Rust explores the interplay between objects and water, revealing unique textures and riveting colours.

Ivy evokes the resilience and tenacity of the evergreen plant as it climbs and expands to discover new paths ahead.

Fade captures the tranquil and elegant beauty of ageing, embracing the inevitability of change.

And Trace is the storyteller of time, revealing the mystery of nature’s fingerprints on the world.

‘Modus is my ode to the captivating aesthetic expedition of nature’s continuous evolution, inviting individuals to embrace the transformative touch of time within their spaces.’ Joris Peutz, modulyss designer.

Corresponding colours and textures
Each of the four new designs in the Modus collection is available in 12 different hues. Rust and Fade share an identical colour palette and yarn structure, just as Ivy shares these features with the Trace collection.

While not identical across all four collections, the contemporary, on-trend colour palettes do correspond – and are well-suited to unique combinations and applications. The yarn structure brings a rough, organic visual structure to the designs.

A standout feature of the Fade design is its exceptional flexibility in installation. The Fade tiles can be randomly laid and still lead to eye-catching results. Rust, Ivy and Trace are best suited to monolithic, ashlar, or brick patterning.

Committed to sustainability
Beyond limitless aesthetic inspiration, modulyss draws one of its core brand values from nature. With sustainability and circularity at the heart of the brand’s mission, the story of the new Modus collection really does come full circle.

Modus joins Artcore, Handcraft, and Heritage as the newest addition to the line-up of Cradle to Cradle Certified collections on the modulyss roster. The Modus designs have been awarded C2C certification across the board, either at the gold or silver tier.

The Modus soft flooring designs are manufactured with 100% regenerated ECONYL yarn, created from discarded nylon waste. The tiles can also be seamlessly combined with the standard modulyss ecoBak backing solution, specifically developed to be recyclable.

Limitless potential
The design and manufacture of sustainable products could easily remain a simple vanity exercise with minimal real-world impact.

But modulyss is dedicated to creating innovative products that are actually attainable and applicable. The full array of modulyss carpet tiles – including the Modus collection – lends itself to an abundance of practical applications. Their modularity makes them a smart flooring solution for substantial corporate and commercial developments, mixed-use buildings, residential real-estate, and even rental properties.

The result: broad access to elegant designs and sustainable flooring options.

For more information about modulyss, the brand’s commitment to sustainability, or the new Modus collection, contact Lynn Van Acker

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